5 Things You Should Never Tell a Man On a First Date

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There is no denying that a first date can be quite stressful. You generally only have only one opportunity to make a great first impression and lock in that second date. While many women may spend hours primping and picking that perfect outfit, we can’t forget to also prepare adequately for conversation. Here are five tips to avoid any awkward conversation or even worse…awkward moments!

Rule Number One- Never Talk About Your Ex

Really? We know he was great at one point. We also know that he's in the past, so there is no reason in the world to mention your ex on a first date. Talking about him will only emphasize how much you aren’t ready to start a new relationship. Statements like ‘You remind me of my ex’ or ‘That’s what my ex used to do’ are great...turnoffs, that is.

Rule Number Two- Avoid Discussing Finances

You would think this would be obvious, but too often a conversation will take a turn and lead to finances. Avoid the topic at all costs. Since the first date is all about getting to know the other person and figuring out if there are enough commonalities to warrant a second date, questions that are too personal should be excluded. Asking questions about your date's income, number of properties they own or retirement plan are important things to consider as a relationship progresses, but on a first date will only lead to you looking like a gold digger.

Rule Number Three-Don’t criticize his appearance.

There is never a great time to be critical of somebody's appearance, but the first date is definitely not that time. For everyone’s sake, keep any negative observations to yourself. Just put yourself in his place and you’ll realize how unnecessary comments like ‘What happened to your hair?’ or ‘Interesting style’ are.

Rule Number Four - Politically Incorrect

Although you may enjoy a good political conversation, a first date is not the place to do it. Leave the debates to the politicians for a night. While it is nice to be in a relationship where you share political views, political conversations can get a little heated and more often than not end in a bad way when you don't share the same views.

Rule Number Five - Cell Phone Meet Purse

Nothing makes a date end faster than somebody's perceived lack of interest and nothing makes that happen faster than constantly looking at your phone. Yes, we are all addicted to the constant posts on Facebook, Twitter, etc. but checking your phone screams I'm not into you (of course, if that's your goal, pull those phones out).

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