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Avedisian expected to file for mayor

Mayor Scott Avedisian is running for re-election and he may face a contest after all.

Although he held a fundraiser earlier this year, signaling that he would likely be a candidate for office, he never made a formal declaration; fostering speculation that he might throw his hat into a race other than that for mayor. This week, in an email, he said he would file his declaration for re-election on Monday, followed by a series of announcements prior to July 4.

And Jack Kirby, who four years ago ran as a Democrat, and in 2012 as an independent, said Tuesday he would run again as a Democrat, whether he gets the party’s endorsement or not.

Two years ago in a one-on-one race with Avedisian, Kirby captured 18.41 percent of the vote. In 2000, as a Democrat, he garnered 19.69 percent.

“I tested the waters and it wasn’t the way to go,” he said of his run as an independent.

He may not be the only Democrat thinking of taking on Avedisian. After winning a special election in 2000, when then mayor Lincoln Chafee was named to complete the term of his late father, Senator John Chafee in 1999, Avedisian has consistently won the favor of Warwick voters by comfortable margins ever since. Speculation circulated Tuesday that another Democrat would step forward, although no names have been mentioned. Kirby has heard he could face a primary, but that doesn’t faze him.

“A primary wouldn’t be the worst thing,” he said.

But, while the mayor’s race is showing some signs of life, there’s little talk of City Council or School Committee contests.

In comparison to other years, Donna McDonald, Warwick director of elections, said she hadn’t had the flurry of inquiries that usually precede the declaration deadline, which is 4 p.m. next Wednesday.

“It’s kind of eerie,” she said yesterday.

Robert Farrell, chairman of the Democratic City Committee, said he had heard Kirby was thinking of running as a Democrat. The committee met last night to endorse candidates.

When asked if they would be endorsing Kirby, Farrell said, “We’ll bring it up for discussion. It’s unfortunate people who want to run every two years only show up every two years.”

Farrell has heard a few rumors, too, although he didn’t provide names. He thought Charles Donovan Jr. might face a primary in Ward 7, and he had heard Democrats Donna Travis, Ward 6, and Camille Vella-Wilkinson, Ward 3, could also face Democratic challengers.

There has been speculation Ward 5 Councilman Ed Ladouceur would make a run for mayor as a Democrat.

Ladouceur said he has been asked that question but he has no plans to run at this time.

“I am enjoying this job, and feel that I am making a difference for the people of Ward 5 and for the city. The encouragement and the support I have been receiving, especially this last year, has been very motivating for me,” he said in an email.

The word is that all the incumbents will seek re-election and that most will go unchallenged.

The biggest contest, and that won’t be decided until January, may be for Council President. Travis holds the post, however, she has less than solidarity from her Democratic colleagues.

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Bill Walaska is pushing to have the new RIAC ball fields -- the asthma pits -- named after Dr. Hittner as a personal favor. This is not in the best interest of the children of Warwick. Someone should challenge him. He was challenged by Armand Luci who has been gerrymandered out of his district. Someone needs to step up. My current job makes it impossible for me to take this on.

Eddie Ladouceur for Mayor......perish the thought.....he could run the city like he did the sewer review comm......that was a disaster and the city would come crashing down. Let's hope someone challenges Eddie for city council and defeats him.

Reality: Ladouceur a) Doesn't need the job, b) Is not a career politician, c) Has nothing to gain, personally, from being on the council, and d) Has a work history exclusively in the dreaded private sector . If there's a small government, low tax candidate for the office who plans to hold the schools even marginally accountable, he/she warrants consideration . Barring such a candidate, Ladouceur's the man.

Hey Reality - why don't you run for something?

Richard....some of us have to work for a living and don't have the time to run ( we don't have those lavish retirement benefits the city bestows ). Eddie Ladouceur has done nothing on the city council but bankrupt the residents of ward 5 who can't afford sewers. He has done nothing to control the spending on city side of the budget and besides Eddie's grandstanding regarding the school dept.he has no control on it.

You don't have to run for office to advocate getting rid of Eddie.

What this city needs is less politicians who actually fight for what their constituents ask of them and more anonymous people trolling the internet bashing any progress made and Monday morning quarterbacking, right Reality?

ward 5.....I do agree we need less politicians who only put their Ward first to the detriment of he rest of the city like Ladouceur did.

Ladouceur fufilled his campaign promise to bring sewers to his ward, something the city was supposed to do years ago and never did. Remember - this was a CITY WIDE PROJECT? Do you have sewers Reality? Tell me you aren't you one of those Governor Francis hypocrites who likes to badmouth the sewer authority about mismanagement but also fought Ladouceur's bill to bring more oversight to the WSA, wants lower fees but not if it means mandatory hookups, and already has sewers but doesn't bother to connect?

Reality - what would YOU do to fix this issue? Maybe you could chip in along with Merolla, Solomon, McNamara, McCaffrey and the Governor Francis anti sewer faction and create a fund to loan money to people who need new septic systems.

I don't agree with everything Ladouceur says or does, but to bash on him for the hard work he has put in with the sewers makes you look rather ridiculous. It's time to put up or shut up.

Ward 5 aka Eddie Ladouceur......I would gladly align myself with Merolla, Solomon, McNamara and McCaffrey on this issue. They know residents once they hear of the outrageous sewer rates would gladly opt for a septic system. I read and have spoken to people who have attended the sewer review commission that Eddie chaired and I'm appalled the way Eddie conducted those meetings. You better agree with Eddie or you will subject yourself to a demeaning attitude.

Also McNamara , McCaffrey, Merolla and Solomonon would know how to conduct themselves at the statehouse something Eddie you could learn. Manners are not a thing of the past.

Time to vote out Scott Avedisian, his Chief of Staff and the City Council! There is a big need for change in our City Hall and people need to start voting out these individuals who do not respond or work for their pay, health benefits and free car (for the Mayor)! Issues with our taxes, flooding, abandoned homes with trash, or selling drugs to our children and broken windows means NOTHING to the Mayor, his Chief of Staff or the Council members that do not live with the issues for years!! A call to their offices goes unanswered….or better yet, if you the constituent do all the work to resolve the issue, then they will back out and put their name to it!! I wish Warwick Residences would wake up and get rid of these people and their staff that are not putting the City first.

Reality....I am appalled that I even bothered to debate with someone who's "information" comes second hand via biased opinon. Do you ever come up with an opinion or idea of your own? All the energy you put into debating online and criticizing those who are actually trying to make progress could be spent doing much more productive things. It's quite sad, actually.

The mayor needs to go. There's a reason he's not running for higher office...he has no record to run on. He'll talk about projects and businesses that have come to Warwick, he never seems to talk about property taxes increasing every year or taking money out of the general fund to hand out raises to city employees. This mayor can debate the Jack Kirby's of the world, but he couldn't debate someone who actually knows what they are talking about. The mayor always likes to rattle off talking points, but he can't face facts. Everything with Scottie A is always someone else's fault, and the way things are going he'll again be easily re-elected. People often complain around here but they won't do a thing to change it. The city is slowly crumbling and no one seems to have the will to stop it. City workers will get their raises and their unaffordable pensions, while our infrastructure crumbles, taxes go up, there's no city vision for Rocky Point and our schools have an UNQUALIFIED superintendent. The city of Warwick has continually made it's own bed...soon it'll be time to lie in it.

were the beef

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