Cop has coke problem, victim tells police


Warwick Police have released the first report concerning the forcible entry of a home on Byron Boulevard last week.

According to a report by Officer John Zaborski, police were dispatched to 53 Byron Blvd. around 5:15 p.m. on Aug. 5 for a disturbance in progress. Zaborski said a resident there told him a young woman and a man came into the house and began to demand to see a former resident and to demand money that former resident owed them.

“He stated that she started yelling, ‘Where is my [expletive] money? Where is Brandon White? Where is my drugs?’” according to the report.

The victim told the couple that Brandon White had been kicked out of his house for bringing “unwanted traffic” to the house and that they could search the house if they wanted to. He told Zaborski the woman was intoxicated and was not listening to him and continued to carry on and started breaking things in his room and got in his sister’s face. He told Zaborski his niece attempted to intervene between her mother and the intruder and was punched in the face before the woman left. He said she threatened repeatedly to come back with her gun and “blow everybody away.”

In the meantime, police ran the plate number provided by the victims and it came back to a Marisa Ciccone. He said he put an attempt to locate call for the car. The victim told Sgt. Stephen Fernandez that the driver was a Johnston patrolwoman with “a serious problem with cocaine” and that she had made some drug deals with his former roommate who, apparently, was withholding drugs or profits from Ciccone. Fernandez said he called detectives who in turn contacted Johnston Police, who advised Ciccone that she needed to go to Warwick and speak with detectives.

Fernandez reported that Ciccone, 24, of 334 Cherry Hill Rd., Johnston, and her male companion, James Fortin, 44, of 234 Child St., Warren, came into Warwick headquarters to speak with detectives. They were charged with breaking and entering a dwelling while the resident was home. Ciccone was additionally charged with assault and battery and disorderly conduct. They were later released on personal recognizance. An initial felony appearance was scheduled for Aug. 7.

Since the arrest, Ciccone, who was a probationary officer who started in December of last year, has been summarily fired by the Johnston Police. Chief Richard S. Tamburini said his department was also reviewing Ciccone’s employment application for possible misrepresentations.

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