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Daniel Tosh Just Isn't Funny


This is one of those trending news topics that seems to have ten conflicting accounts, so bear with me for a paragraph. Daniel Tosh, comedian and host of Comedy Central's "Tosh.0" (a show where Internet videos are played and mocked by Tosh) is taking a lot of heat because, allegedly, he made a rape joke at a comedy club, a woman got offended and as she was leaving, Tosh asked the crowd if it would be funny for everyone to rape her.

Or something like that. I couldn't be bothered to look up all the different articles to achieve some sort of "accuracy." I'm a blogger, not a journalist. Regardless of what Tosh said, I still think he should lose his job, and it hasn't nothing to do with the fact that he may or may not have told a rape joke.

I think he should lose his job because he's just not funny.

First off, let's address the elephant. You can't say anything is never funny in any context in any way. That's ridiculous. I've heard funny Titanic jokes, funny Helen Keller jokes, and yes, funny 9/11 jokes. Would I tell them? Probably not. But I found them funny. That makes them funny. Not because I'm the determiner (determiner--is that a word?) of what is and isn't funny, but because there isn't a determiner (I think it's a word) which means if someone find what you said funny, then congratulations, it's a funny joke.

Now, I have no doubt in my mind that if Daniel Tosh told a rape joke, it probably wasn't funny at all and the only people who would have laughed would be misogynistic stoned frat boys who probably would roofie some poor high school senior at one of their keg parties. I also know, however, that a smarter comedian could probably come up with a joke about rape that would be funny and maybe even unoffensive.

Ultimately, if I argue for anything, it's for free speech and that you can't put limitations on what's funny.

I would also argue, however, that Daniel Tosh should lose his job because his job is to be funny and he's not.

Not at all.

He shows videos and comments on them in front of a green screen. He's basically the 2012 version of Bob Saget. I have a strong feeling that he's only on television for the Magic Mike factor--meaning, he's pretty to look at, so he can get girls and gays to watch a show they probably otherwise wouldn't. I used to watch the show because he'd inevitably take his shirt off at least once every episode. (Trust me, this guy knows where his strengths lie.)

But now I'm sort of over his man-child, back-of-the-classroom-hooligan act. It's getting old--mostly because he's pushing forty and you can only do burp-and-scratch humor until you become another Adam Sandler. Tosh doesn't even have a film career to fall back on when this little dog-and-pony show on Comedy Central ends. (And yes, I'm aware it's a ratings behemoth for them, but even behemoths can run their course.)

It's possible even that television Tosh is just a persona and that all that Hee-man woman-hating garbage is just him Tim Allen-ing his way into success (and if you don't understand that reference, then I'm not sure I can still be friends with you). What disturbs me more is that some guys actually are pounding their chests like apes and saying that bad rape jokes are awesome and while you're at it, get me a beer from the kitchen, woman.

I say take the guy off the air because television doesn't need a program like "Tosh.0." We already have "The Soup," which is smarter, funnier, and yes, I would even say classier, but that's because Joel McHale hosts it, and let's fact it, he's a hottie.

But if you really want Tosh off the air, just do what I do.

Stop watching his show.

Kevin Broccoli is a local writer, actor, and director living and working in Providence, Rhode Island. His work has been produced by various companies across the state. He can be reached at

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