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Favorite pie at this time of year

This is pie time.

And no other pie than pumpkin reins supreme at this time of year. Pumpkin is as traditional to Thanksgiving as apple pie is American.

Or is it?

That’s not the finding according to the 40 students in the culinary program at the Warwick Area Career and Technical Center. And they should know.

Ever since Hurricane Sandy blew through the city, the students and their teachers have been on overdrive to fill orders for pies, rolls, pumpkin loafs and cheesecake.

“It just exploded with orders,” says bakery teacher Eva Niosi. On Wednesday, students were baking the last of 640 pies ordered by the public for pickup that day. Niosi acknowledged so many orders was a stretch, but she feels it was also a valuable teaching experience as the class interacted with the public and felt the pressure of producing for a deadline. Niosi didn’t only want the students to fill all the orders, but bake to a high standard. She wants people to say, “I can’t believe this came from a high school student,” with every bite.

It wasn’t the pumpkin, mincemeat, lemon meringue or even the cran-apple that was in demand this year. Rather, it was the chocolate cream that took top orders.

Next week, the students start working on Christmas cookie orders and a new appetizer selection that includes baked stuffed shrimp, mini clam stuffies and stuffed mushrooms.

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