GOP candidate, writer’s online exchange is heated


An online conversation between Republican candidate for mayor Stacia Petri and Jonathan Jacobs, a writer for, surfaced last Friday.

The exchange occurred at almost 1 a.m. June 1 and Jacobs immediately wrote an article keeping Petri’s identity anonymous for her own privacy.

That was before he realized she was running for office.

Jacobs wrote a follow-up article Friday, July 11 revealing Petri’s identity.

The Facebook message came after Jacobs posted an article on a supplemental excise tax on guns and ammunition. The money raised from the taxes would fund non-profit organizations committed to the reduction of crime and violence.

Petri admitted in a phone interview Tuesday she reached out to Jacobs for his “overall radical stance” on the 2nd Amendment.

Petri messaged Jacobs at 1 in the morning, writing, “The constitution has been clear for 227 years. Maybe you should grab a copy of ‘Constitution for Dummies’ (cliff note version)… maybe Barnes and Noble could special order you one.”

He returned the insult with one of his own. Saying if the constitution was clear, we would not need a Supreme Court to interpret it and make decisions. He suggested she take a GED course and asked that she would not contact him again.

Now that Petri has been connected to the messages, she commented saying the whole thing was “ridiculous.”

Petri said, “I don’t need to justify what I said in a private conversation. Jacobs proactively and deceptively made this public once he knew I was running for mayor to tarnish my character.”

She said that as a pro-2nd Amendment firearm owner, she would always work in the best interest of the 2nd amendment.

Petri said, “Things will always get heated when your discussing guns and the 2nd amendment. I admit I could have started out the conversation better.”

In Jacobs’ first article he admitted he should have ignored Petri altogether and he responded to Petri’s later “insults and threats” with some inconsiderate and rude comments. He believed, however, that his paled in comparison to Petri’s.

Petri also claimed to be a lobbyist at the State House for “tax paying citizens,” but after checking, Jacobs discovered she isn’t registered as such.

After a few lines back and forth, Jacobs said he would block Petri, a “psycho,” from messaging him again.

Petri responded, “Yeah I’ll see you at the State House, A**hole.”

Petri, in her phone interview, said she stands by her “adjective,” which is actually a noun.

When Jacobs asked Petri if he was being threatened, Petri wrote, “Do you feel threatened?? Good.”

Petri went on to say you cannot debate with “idiot liberals” because “they start whining.” She also, after being accused of being a drug addict by Jacobs (in his article Jacobs admits this was wrong to do), said, “That’s for the illegals to take care of, you know you [liberals] give them the ok.”

When asked about these messages, Petri refused to comment, saying, “I don’t want to get sucked in to this situation. It is not worth it.”

Jacobs finished his second posting, “My sense is that anyone who randomly spits venomous verbal assaults on strangers via Facebook Messenger in the dead of night…may not have the temperament to handle the highest executive office of Rhode Island’s 2nd most populous city.”

Petri said she was insulted that Jacobs would make public something they discussed privately when the two had never met before. She would be willing to clear the air. Now she wants to focus on her campaign and being proactive and engaged in the community. She wants to prepare for the primary against Mayor Scott Avedisian on Sept. 9.

To read the first and follow-up articles concerning Petri’s messages, as well as the article she responded to on the tax increase for guns and ammunition, visit

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