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Good food, lots of people make for lively Chamber Business After Hours
Pete Fontaine
MANNING CHAMBER BOOTH: Barbara Livingstone (left) of Livingstone Photograph and Patricia A. Nolan, special assistant to the president at Rhode Island College, are members and who manned their North Central Chamber of Commerce’s check-in booth at Tuesday’s Statewide Business After Hours in Cranston.

What does 124 displays from specialty store and service oriented businesses from all over the state equal?

“This is a great opportunity for people from throughout the state to work together under one roof,” Lauren Slocum, CEO/president of the Central Chamber of Commerce, said late Tuesday afternoon from the stage at Rhodes-on-the-Pawtuxet in Cranston. “That’s what this is all about; bringing people together for one cause.”

Entitled the Rhode Island Chambers of Commerce Statewide Business After Hours, Tuesday’s event was sold out and, as Slocum said of the event that began in 1996, “This was either close to or was a record for this event.”

For three hours, members of various Chambers of Commerce set up their wares and a record crowd of well over 1,000 people enjoyed what Slocum called “a great networking event” and “some delicious food!”

Slocum praised Russell Morin Catering for “the excellent, excellent quality of food they served here today.”

The menu included roast cumin, spice pork loin, Spanish rice and beans, baked penne pasta Bolognese, rustic grilled cheese and tomato melt and mini Ruben sandwiches.

Meanwhile, people ambled about picking up literature from telecommunication companies like Verizon Fios, Pool & Patio’s interesting hot tube display to even a special Sleep Lab display that was manned by Nancy Roman and Carol Messier of Kent Hospital.

“You couldn’t fit any more people on this floor than who are already here,” Slocum said. “I think we had just about every kind of business imaginable here today and that’s certainly a tribute to all the Chambers of Commerce in our great state.”

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