I'm Ready For Some Football

Posted by Kaherne17

'Twas NFL kickoff, when all through the land,

All the fans rejoiced with the new season at hand.

Nylon jerseys were pulled over new shoulder pads,

The end of preseason non-sense made everyone glad.

The locker room spikes went click and then clack,

Awaiting fumbles, completions, interceptions and sacks.

Bill Belichick's in his hoodie, Pete Carroll in a sweater,

Game-planning schemes for the worse or for better.

Then onto the TV, something special appeared,

Bob Costas, Al Michaels, and a comercial for beer.

I jumped on my couch, and popped open a bottle,

It was the pregame show, soon we will be going full throttle.

They had a parade, and then some cheesy old band,

The National Anthem to honor our land.

Then the referrees, dressed in all black and white,

Placed the ball on the tee, for its kickoff tonight!

Now Eli! Now Brady! Now Jones-Drew and Hixon!

On Welker, on Johnson, on Stafford and Weeden!

Into the Redzone, and straight past the goal,

Slash, and dash, and hit the hole!

The stadium filled up, excitement grew loud,

The scoreboard began changing, evoking the crowd.

Touchdowns and field goals, they're going for two,

But the home team was losing, fans started to boo.

As the game clock ran empty, and hope fleeeting away,

All luck seemed to run out for this team today.

Just one final chance on the game's final drive,

We need a Hail Mary miracle to keep our chances alive!

The quarterback dropped back, and to his delight,

His man was open, with the endzone in sight.

The reciever reached out at the spiral in air,

You scored the game-winning touchdown, now spike it with flare!

- Kevin Aherne

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