Mayor honors 3 retiring council members at city party


With city employees gathered around for a Christmas party at Meadowbrook Lanes last Thursday, Mayor Scott Avedisian stepped forward to recognize the service of three councilmen who will retire as council members this year.

Avedisian read proclamations for each of the three: Raymond Gallucci, John DelGiudice and Bruce Place.

Avedisian talked about how Gallucci was born in Warwick, and was a former member of the Sewer Authority. He was first sworn in to the Ward 8 seat in 2005.

“Ray’s ability to work across party lines has benefited Warwick residents and businesses alike,” said Avedisian, who noted that Gallucci served as the Finance Committee Chairman. He also recognized Gallucci for his commitment to the community.

“His dedication was particularly evident during the historic 2010 Floods, when he worked around-the-clock with city and state officials to help his constituents, who lived in some of the hardest-hit neighborhoods.”

Avedisian said that Gallucci was always available early in the morning, but despite his love of “gadgets,” wasn’t one for some modern conveniences.

“Anyone calling his house is likely to get a busy signal, since he refuses to have call waiting,” said the mayor. “Ray is well known for a friendly grin and a sometimes devilish gleam in his eye when he jokes.”

Gallucci, like his fellow councilman, John DelGuidice, decided not to seek re-election this year. DelGuidice was first elected to the Ward 5 council seat in 2004. Avedisian noted that DelGuidice’s father once held the same council seat.

“During his tenure, John has been a strong advocate for issues that affect his constituents,” said Avedisian. “He has been particularly supportive of the revitalization of the iconic Rocky Point property and spearheaded the creation of the walking/biking path on Meadowview Avenue.”

DelGuidice served as the chairman of the commission that examined the widespread coyote problem in 2005, and earned the affectionate nickname, “The Coyote Guy.”

Avedisian said constituents always appreciated DelGuidice’s “easygoing personality and thoughtful approach.”

“As a small businessman, John has worked to ensure that Warwick remains a business-friendly community,” said Avedisian.

Rounding out the trio of councilmen who did not seek re-election this term is Bruce Place, a lifelong Warwick resident who served as the council president and the Ward 2 councilman beginning in 2007.

“Bruce has been a dedicated and responsive councilman who has worked across party lines to improve life for the residents of Warwick,” said Avedisian. “He has worked tirelessly to address constituents’ concerns, and, as City Council President, has worked well with the Avedisian administration on a number of critical issues, including pension reform.”

Place helped to work toward a citywide Geographic Information System, led a committee to re-purpose the Rhodes School and supported Rocky Point improvement and preservation efforts.

“His motto, ‘If you fail to plan, you plan to fail,’ has served Bruce very well in all aspects of his life,” said the mayor. “A true gentleman with a mischievous sense of humor, Bruce has been well respected by his council colleagues and department directors alike.”

In addition to honoring the men individually, Avedisian proclaimed that Thursday, Dec. 20, 2012 would be Ray Gallucci, John DelGuidice and Bruce Place Day.

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