Police Log


The Police Log is a digest of reports filed by the Johnston Police.

Patrolman John DeAngelis took an initial report of embezzling from the owner of Rockwell Amusement & Promotions on Dec. 7 of last year. DeAngelis reported that the owner said he found some evidence that his bookkeeper of the last 10 years had been stealing money from the company and from him personally. He explained that he learned she had cut a check for herself from the company account in December 2011 for $850. He said he confronted her about it, and she agreed to pay the money back, which she did. He said he learned in October of last year that company credit cards had been used to pay a $1,200 Verizon bill and pay the Town of Hopkinton $5,200. He explained that he owned land in Hopkinton that he pays taxes on but he had given his bookkeeper two cash deposits of $2,300 for his personal tax account and they were never made. He told DeAngelis a $5,400 payment went to a Lowe’s store in Massachusetts for two purchases he never made. The owner told DeAngelis he emailed his bookkeeper in November about the situation and has not seen or heard from her since. DeAngelis said the owner gave him a written statement and list of questionable payments, and DeAngelis forwarded the material to Johnston detectives.
Det. Thomas Dwyer took the case and put together an evidence file that indicated that Nicole Marchand, 33, of 243 Lincoln St., Blackstone, Mass., had misappropriated at least $8,500 from her employer. He reported she never came in to be questioned as stated on Dec. 16 and an arrest warrant was issued on Jan. 1 of this year, and Massachusetts authorities were notified. Dwyer said Marchand turned herself in on Jan. 22 and was charged with fraudulent use of credit cards and embezzlement and held for arraignment.

Patrolman John DeAngelis reported several thefts from the Metro Honda dealership on Hartford Avenue on Jan. 22. A manager there showed DeAngelis three vehicles that had their wheels stolen and an older truck that was found near the lot used to store cars for the dealership. The manager explained that they were snow plowing the lot when they found the vehicles. The three Hondas belonged to the dealership and had their windows smashed, so the thieves could get the keys to the lug locks on the wheels. A check of the older truck revealed that it was reported stolen on Jan. 15. The owner of the truck arrived to verify that it was his but also said, in addition to the four missing wheels, a snowplow and sander were also missing. Detectives followed tracks through the snow from the lot to the back of the Courtesy Cleaners on Industrial Lane and down to 15 Industrial to Classic Seal Coating, where an employee told them he was at work around 2:30 a.m. when he found tire tracks in the snow in front of the business but did not see anything else. DeAngelis said the owners estimated it would cost about $8,000 to replace the parts and repair the damage. No suspects.

Patrolman James Provuncher reported going to the Bel-Air Motor Inn on Hartford Avenue around 10:15 a.m. on Jan. 21 to arrest Joshua P. Ziobrowski, 27, of 33 Barstow St., Providence, on a Superior Court bench warrant out of Newport for failure to appear on a possession of stolen property charge. He was processed at headquarters and later transported to the ACI.
Patrolman David Galligan reported going to an accident in the parking lot of Knight’s Liquor for a vehicle accident around 5 p.m. on Jan. 18. One of the drivers involved, identified as Norbert Piette Jr., had an outstanding warrant out of District Court for failure to appear on a DUI charge. Court records indicate it was not his first DUI charge.

All available Johnston units were dispatched to the Petroil station at 1401 Plainfield Pike around 1 p.m. on Jan. 19 for a report of an armed robbery. The clerk there told police she was ringing up the sale of some tobacco when the customer lifted his shirt and showed her the handle of a handgun and then pulled it out and told her to “give me the money in the drawer.” She said she gave him the money and he fled on foot. She said she waited until he was out of sight and then called police. She said he was headed west on Plainfield. A search of the area was unsuccessful.
Police said they located a neighbor who reported that she saw an older Nissan Maxima with the engine running around the time of the robbery. She said the car had a noisy muffler and was possibly a 1999 model. She said a light skinned Black or Hispanic male was behind the wheel, wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt over a black baseball cap. She said only the brim of the cap was visible. Johnston Police gathered as much video surveillance as they could and the video seems to match the description given by the neighbor. Anyone with information about the robbery is encouraged to contact Johnston detectives at 231-4210.

Patrolman Adam Parkinson reported he was responding to a domestic disturbance on Walnut Street around 1:20 p.m. on Jan. 21. He said they were approaching the house when he saw a man banging on an upstairs window to get his attention. He said they entered the house and saw a woman running down the stairs who was yelling, “Arrest him…he beat me up…arrest him.” He said he went to the stairs and ordered the man to come downstairs and saw that his “upper extremities were covered in blood as well as his face,” who was saying, “She cut me…she [expletive] cut me.”
He said he and Patrolman Stephen Altomari patted both subjects down and then separated them for questioning. He said the man told him they had been arguing about their relationship and they came to a point where she insisted he apologize for something he was not willing to take responsibility for and he tried to get away from her when she started punching and slapping him. He said he used his phone to call 911 when she cut him with a single-edged razor. Parkinson said the man insisted he never hit her. Parkinson said he spoke with the woman, who insisted he punched her in the face, but Parkinson could find no signs of an assault or her being hit.
Parkinson said Johnston Rescue arrived to treat the man, who had a five- to six-inch vertical cut on his arm and a scratch on his face that was bleeding into his beard. Lt. Seth Crosby came to the scene and verified that the emergency call came from a man who said, “She has a razor blade and is trying to kill me!” Crosby told Parkinson 911 headquarters were going to give them a copy of the recording the next day. Parkinson said the man told him he believed that his girlfriend had been using “bath salts” (so-called designer drugs that supposedly mimic amphetamines and cocaine) for the last three days, but Parkinson reported that no narcotics of any kind were found at the scene.
BCI Det. Raymond Peters reported that the blood spatter, razor blades and bloodstained clothing did not contradict the man’s account of the incident. Bianca Jo Martinelli, 23, of 58 Walnut St., was charged with felony domestic assault with a dangerous weapon, domestic disorderly and domestic assault.

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