Tea Party rant is revealing


To the Editor:

The next time someone tells you the Tea Party is just a bunch of decent folks who only want to reduce government spending, remind them of an email sent by Tea Party Nation head Judson Phillips just this past week.

Philips says, "Obama does not love America. He hates America. He looks at America through his Marxist background and sees not the greatest nation in the world. He does not see the country that has done more good for more people than any other nation. He sees the evil oppressive power that Marxists always view America as.

“By continuing to borrow money, unabated, he knows sooner or later debt will completely bring down the American economy and possibly the American state.

“There is a deeper battle here as well.

“If Barack Obama and the Party of Treason can beat the Republicans down to the point where they abdicate, or at least refuse to fight for their Constitutionally mandated role in controlling the purse, America will no longer have three co-equal branches of government.

“If Obama wins this next battle, it will fundamentally transform America and our government. Which is exactly what he said he wanted to do when he ran in 2008. Obama has spoken several times, almost longingly talking about how he wishes he had dictatorial powers. Now, here is his chance.

“The legislative branch, instead of being equal to the executive will now become inferior and submissive. The tyranny of the strong leader that our founding fathers feared will have materialized here in America."

The entire rant on the Tea Party Nation website was followed by others making posts calling Obama a Marxist, charging he is a Muslim (unlike the good Christians they feel they are!) and demanding trials for treason, all topped off by claiming he is "godless!"

The Tea Party say they’re just a bunch of concerned folks without a trace of hate or racism? Yeah, sure!

And these are the people that control the Republican Party.

Charles Lawrence

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