The candidates do their homework

Who will get the highest marks?


Meet the candidates. Each was provided with the prompts identified in bold. They were asked the complete the sentences.


1. The nation should handle health care by... getting the government out of the exam room and restoring the $716 billion in funding to Medicare cut by Obamacare.

2. I think the war in Afghanistan... should be ended ASAP.

3. To promote energy independence, I propose... an all of the above strategy with an emphasis on domestic energy and getting off Middle East Oil.

4. I think the best way to fix the economy is... to replace the existing federal tax code with one that is fairer, simpler and makes America the best place in the world to open or expand a business.

5. America can reinvigorate the manufacturing industry by... regulation reform and a new tax code that rewards hard work and innovation.

6. The most effective way to fight terrorism is... stop sending billions in oil money to the Middle East.

7. To decrease the national deficit, I would... fight for a balanced budget amendment and pro-growth tax code.

8. On the issues of abortion and same sex marriage... I am pro-choice and pro gay rights, including marriage equality.

9. If elected, I will become the jobs and education Senator for Rhode Island.

10. I think I should be elected because... I have personally signed over 15,000 paychecks and know how to get Rhode Islanders back to work.




1. The nation should handle healthcare by... Continuing to implement the Affordable Care Act which is already helping Rhode Islanders with prescription drug discounts to seniors, giving young people more access to health insurance, ending pre-existing condition exclusions and lifetime caps, and helping Rhode Island lead the way to better care at lower costs throughout our system.

2. I think the war in Afghanistan... Should be drawn to a close as soon as possible, and I support President Obama's efforts to do so.

3. To promote energy independence I propose... Taking advantage of domestic natural gas reserves now and expanding the development of clean, renewable energy, like wind and solar, that will protect our environment and create good jobs here in Rhode Island.

4. I think the best way to fix the economy is... To invest in infrastructure projects that support construction jobs, strengthen our manufacturing sector by giving them an even playing field to compete against foreign companies, and continue encouraging the kind of innovation that is already creating jobs in and around the Knowledge District.

5. America can reinvigorate the manufacturing industry by... Listening to the needs of our manufacturers, ending the tax policies that currently reward companies for sending jobs overseas and instead giving incentives to businesses that bring jobs back home, and policing China’s currency manipulation and cyber industrial espionage against American companies.

6. The most effective way to fight terrorism is... To continue relentless pressure on groups like al Qaeda while also empowering the people of the Middle East to take control of their region so we can bring our troops home.

7. To decrease the national deficit I would... Increase revenues by ending costly tax giveaways to special interests like Big Oil and ending the Bush tax cuts for people who make over $250,000 per year, while working with my colleagues to identify reasonable further spending cuts that won't put an undue burden on the middle class.

8. On the issues of abortion and same sex marriage... I am pro-choice and I support same sex marriage.

9. If elected, I will... continue fighting hard every single day to boost our economy, encourage job growth, and protect programs like Medicare, Social Security, and Pell Grants that middle class Rhode Island families rely on.

10. I think I should be elected because...Rhode Islanders know who I am and know they can count on me to listen to them and always stand up for their interests.



Congress, District 2

1. The nation should handle healthcare by... breaking the power of the
health insurance industry by allowing states to self-insure and provide
healthcare for all.

2. I think the war in Afghanistan... is a tremendous waste of human,
military and economic resources, and should be ended as soon as possible.

3. To promote energy independence I propose... a national works program
that would employ Rhode Islanders creating less oil dependent
transportation and agricultural systems, installing small and large scale
renewable energy projects, and refitting our businesses and houses so they
are energy efficient.

4. I think the best way to fix the economy is... by creating strong and
resilient local economies that support productive small businesses rather
than giving advantages to big corporations and big banks.

5. America can reinvigorate the manufacturing industry by... instituting
fair trade, holding foreign industries to the same labor and environmental
standards to which we hold our own.

6. The most effective way to fight terrorism is... to reduce our
militaristic and imperialistic foreign policy in deference to a more
peaceful and diplomatic approach.

7. To decrease the national deficit I would... reduce wasteful spending in
the budget, end subsidies and tax breaks to corporations that off-shore
jobs, implement a Wall Street transaction tax, and raise revenues from
those able to afford it.

8. On the issues of abortion and same sex marriage... I believe deeply in
the separation of Church and State and in protecting our civil liberties so
I am pro-choice and I support same sex marriage. 

9. If elected, I will... be a voice of non-partisan common sense for Rhode

10. I think I should be elected because... as an Independent, I am the
only candidate who will work to fix our broken and corrupt political and
economic systems.



Congress, District 2

1. The nation should handle healthcare by... expanding coverage and
controlling costs, which necessarily includes offering no-cost preventive
care, utilizing health IT to reduce duplication, rewarding doctors for
keeping patients healthy, and ensuring everyone has coverage regardless of
their health status, while avoiding cuts to Medicare benefits that would
shift costs to seniors who can't afford to pay more.

2. I think the war in Afghanistan... has reached a point of diminishing
returns and we need to bring our troops home as soon as possible as they
finish training the Afghan Security Forces, which is why I'm pressing
military leaders for strategies that will help expedite a safe and
responsible timetable for withdrawal.

3. To promote energy independence I propose... using all of our natural
resources, including renewable energy, recognizing that we do not have
enough oil to drill our way to independence or bring down gas prices, so we
need to promote alternative sources, which also gives us opportunities to
build new industries that bring sustainable job creation to Rhode Island.

4. I think the best way to fix the economy is... to put people back to work,
which requires: a simpler and fairer tax code that closes unsustainable
loopholes for special interests and the very wealthy, while helping small
businesses and the middle class; increased access to education and training;
and investments in our infrastructure to create jobs.

5. America can reinvigorate the manufacturing industry by... ending tax
breaks for corporations that ship jobs overseas and focusing on giving
manufacturing companies a fair chance to compete here by lowering their
taxes and ensuring we train a skilled workforce qualified for the advanced
manufacturing of the 21st century.

6. The most effective way to fight terrorism is... strengthening our
international alliances so our military does not have to go it alone,
targeting extremists who wish us harm without getting involved in additional
ground wars, preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons capabilities
that could end up in terrorist hands, and recognizing that a strong economy
is critical to our national security and our role as a global leader.

7. To decrease the national deficit I would... promote a balanced approach
that includes targeted spending cuts in areas like big agricultural
subsidies and weapons programs that the Pentagon did not request, while
letting tax breaks for the very wealthy expire so we can support a strong
middle class by investing in education and infrastructure as well as keeping
our promises of Medicare and Social Security to our seniors.

8. On the issues of abortion and same sex marriage... I support marriage
equality as the only way to provide equal rights, and I consider myself
pro-life, while recognizing that we should work to prevent unwanted
pregnancies by providing access to contraception, sex education and basic,
affordable health services for women.

9. If elected, I will take every opportunity to promote job creation
and economic growth through initiatives such as my work in Quonset to
increase submarine production that led to more jobs, my focus on closing the
skills gap through programs I supported at CCRI to provide specialized job
training, and other policies that support small businesses and build a
strong middle class for Rhode Island.

10. I think I should be elected because... personal experience has shown me
that, with a fair shot we can all make great contributions toward providing
our next generation a better America than the one we inherited, but we will
only ensure this opportunity if we focus on strengthening the middle class,
because when the middle class succeeds, everyone succeeds.


Congress, District 2

*11/2/2012: Riley was unable to provide his answers before the papers went to press, however, we have included them here for your consideration*

1. The nation should handle healthcare by... reforming the Affordable healthcare Act...we should keep the parts that are good and people like....for example ending the preexisting conditions exclusions and lifetime caps, extending insurance to children up to age 26 and helping seniors with prescription costs when they enter the "Donut Hole". The rest of the bill is littered with bureaucratic challenges and costs that will be taken from doctors and Hospitals. Medicare ended” as we all know it” the day this bill was passed and the very likely outcome, if not changed, is that current seniors will no longer be seen by their current doctors because of the approximately $700 billion in payments that will be taken from doctors and hospitals to pay for this massive bill.

2. I think the war in Afghanistan... should end immediately in a way that keeps our soldiers safe.

3. To promote energy independence I propose...increasing exploration and lease sales on federal lands for all forms of energy. Economics 101 says- if we want to lessen dependence on foreign sources, then we have to increase our own supply and alternatives. On our federal lands are untapped assets owned by the people of the United States. We should develop these assets for national security reasons as well as a lever lower the cost of energy by increasing supply. We can take some of these dollars and fund R&D in the alternative energy space. I have been involved in the energy trading markets for 35 years and I am amazed by how little politicians understand about energy pricing.  

4. I think the best way to fix the economy is... GROWTH, GROWTH, GROWTH ! the Riley Plan has 4 parts and has been out for a year. This is why I am running. We need a stable Dollar because "real" growth is impossible without a stable dollar. We need to dramatically reform the tax code by reducing it from 77,000 pages to less than 100. This will eliminate nearly every subsidy including those for the oil companies and the wealthy. Third we need to reduce regulation and put congress in charge again of reviewing any new regs that have an economic effect of more than 100 million dollars. Last we need to sell or lease federal assets to help shore up our underfunded entitlements system Medicare and Social Security that hangs over us like the sword of Damocles.

5. America can reinvigorate the manufacturing industry by... making our corporate tax rates more competitive worldwide. America has the highest corporate taxes in the world and among the highest labor costs in the world. We tax our corporations at 35+% and Canada for example is 15%. We are also highly regulated. Would you build a manufacturing business here?

6.The most effective way to fight terrorism is…grow our economy and spend tax dollars dedicated to defense on high tech capability both defensively and offensively. We should show strength and respond quickly whenever attacked and we should be using cyber assets to attack those who support terrorism like Iran. We are within 6 months of Iran having to be stopped by force. Israel has an election likely in March and I believe the risk is very high that our current diplomacy will fail.

7. To decrease the national deficit I would... promote pro-growth ideas . The only way out of this mess is real growth through a stable dollar and we are running out of time. In the last 4 years alone we have added 6 trillion in Debt. Just cutting spending cant work nor can just taxing. Cutting spending and raisng taxes is what is happening in Europe and it is a disaster. This Austerity fix of spending cuts and high taxes exacerbates the problems and the deficit. The answer is simplifying the tax code and reducing marginal tax rates. Cut growth in overall spending and put caps on entitlement spending growth at GDP + .5% growth. Kicking the can has been a disaster in Europe and a disaster in Rhode Island and will be in our nation if we dont take real action.

8. On the issues of abortion and same sex marriage... I am the only Pro Life, Pro Traditional Marriage candidate in this race. I am proud to receive multiple endorsements including Rhode Island Right to Life.

9. If elected, I will...  use my 35 years of experience in finance in NYC on wall street and here in Rhode Island where I first started my hedge fund in 2006 in Narragansett. I will use the 20 plus companies I built and/or financed as a template for how to revive Rhode Island’s struggling economy. I will also serve only 6 years because I believe in Term limits and i am on a mission to fix those things I know how to fix. The Incumbent knows precious little about the economy or jobs. His record proves it. I will take Rhode Island out of dead last in everything and restore confidence in Rhode Island by providing clear and concise leadership . Not talking points.

10. I think I should be elected because... I have more experience in the most pressing issues of the day. Not just experience but award winning , nationally recognized success in the most competitive business environment in the world. I am not trying to be a career politician, I have a career and a job. We are on the verge of big problems here in Rhode Island and in the nation. I can be a big help with my experience and ideas that completely differ from the failed policies of Jim Langevin 12 years in congress and 25 years in public office is enough. Its time for Jim to step aside. Let someone with real world experience and success take over. Riley 2012.

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