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Warwick students make fall dean’s list at RIC

The following Warwick residents have been named to the fall 2013-14 dean’s list for scholastic achievement at Rhode Island College. Full-time RIC students must attain a minimum grade point average of 3.25 for the semester in order to qualify:

Kelsey L. Aldrich, Megan L. Amalfitano, Laura E. Armstrong, Amal Atef-Alghezzi, Shazia M. Ayaz, Brianna G. Barlow, Krystle T. Bell, Juan Carlos Beteta Raymundo, Amber L. Blake, Josephine M. Bourdon, Justin M. Braddock, Amy L. Burgess, Brianna M. Butler, Kryslin N. Caldarone, Kelsey Lynn Caldarone, Lindsey M. Callahan, Chelsea E. Carney, Nicholas Carroll, Albert S. Castelli, May A. Cervantes, Michelle S. Cesaro, Sarah L. Chamberlain, Kelsey R. Chamberlain, Lydia A. Cherveny, Melissa A. Choiniere, Melissa M. Cole, Alexander Peter Cole, Robert B. Collins, Jeffrey Dylon Conner, Michael A. Conti, James R. Cook, Savannah L. Crehan.

Also, Tyler J. Darcy, Kourtny E. Darocha, Jessica B. Davis, Tyler A. Dean, Brianna M. DiGregorio, Christina M. DiPalma, Shantal S. Dimichele, Stephanie M. Dion, Alyssa J. Dreyer, Cory David Duquette, Krystal N. Durning, Peter Eastwood, Amanda M. Fazio, Heather A. Feeney, Kelsey M. Foeller, Kevin C. Fornari, Ericka A. Franzen, Jessica M. Fredette, Olivia French, Chelsea S. Galli, Connor J. Gerlach, Bethany L. Giammarco, Sarah N. Gibbons, Danielle A. Granata, Shelby Nicole Green, Michael A. Grenga, Tayla R. Hall, Jeffrey E. Hancock, James D. Harritos II, Brittany N. Hassell, Michaela Elizabeth Hayes, Richard A. Headley, Betsy G. Heidel, Stanley J. Hermanowski, Thomas J. Heston, Julie Ann Hoyle, Corinne E. Hull, Elsa H. Hunziker, Brian D. Jessing, Lauren E. Jones.

Also, Elisabeth A. Lamantia, Emily E. LeBlanc, Michael H. Lefebvre, Jennifer C. Lemos, Maeve A. Lemus, Monique E. Lima, Samantha B. Loeb, Martin Edward Loiselle, Chelsea L. Lomastro, Alexander J. Lupica, Marisa A. Major, Katie M. Marsocci, Jessica M. Martel, Gregory M. Martin, Nicholas W. Masi, Joshua B. Mason, Shauna McCafferty, Katelyn P. McCaughey, Michael M. McNeil, Haley D. Menard, Allison B. Menard, David Moniz, Alexandra M. Moniz, Amanda M. Morgan, Danielle B. Morin, Kevin D. Myette, Erica R. Nanni

Andrew A. Neirinckx, Alison A. Neirinckx, Elise A. Neirinckx, Ryan C. O’Grady, Gianna M. Pecchia, Erin C. Petrarca, Nicole L. Pickering, Jessica S. Pope.

Also, Brenna M. Reeves, Bethany D. Rhodes, Holly L. Richmond, Luzbeth Rodriguez, Nikki C. Russo, Mathies K. Santos, Andrew N. Sharpe, Katie A. Small, Kristin E. St. George, Courtney-Ann Stockard, Megan R. Sullivan, Michelle M. Sylvestre, Cami G. Sylvia, Rebecca R. Tanguay, Giana M. Tavares, Justin M. Therrien, Amy E. Torres, Emily Tramonti, David M. Valdes, Eric Vaught, Lauren C. Veyera, Katelyn E. Veyera, Tyler H. Vigeant, Kali E. Ward, Elizabeth P. White, Helena R. Widmann.

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