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Why bother?

Gubmint is run by corporate interests and lobbyists.

The Challenge of the Voting Process.

Last year I drove to the Polling station @ a church on Warwick Neck Avenue and was told that I had to go to Warwick city Hall to change my affiliation from Republican to Independent.

I drove to City Hall and was told that it couldnt be done there and could be completed at the Polling station I just came from.

So back I went and sure enough, the clerk made a mistake..........

Today, I drove to the polling station @ the same church on warwickl Neck Avenue and was told to go to the Warwick Neck school to vote.

The clerk looked at my license and then asked my name ? She then proceeded to put my son's label on my voting card and then voided it when I noticed the error.

She then gave me a packet to vote.

I walked over to the voting booth and noticed that she erred again and gave me the list of Republican candidates which I returned .

I told her I was an independent. She looked at my card and said it stated I was a Democrat.

I then said then why didnt you give me the list of Democratic candidates? She apologized again.

Every year it seems that these errors seem to increase. The management of these polling stations never seem to train the people who work there. As a voter, it has become a very frustrating journey each election to do something as simple as VOTE.


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