Be Well, Look Great at Asterluxe

This West End shop cultivates mind and spirit

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Tucked into a little spot on Broadway is a one-of-a-kind artist collaboration and wellness destination. Erin Myles of the craft jewelry line Wanderluxe has teamed up with Nicole Deponte of the vintage neckwear company Lilian Asterfield to create Asterluxe, a soulful little shop that features the handmade works of artists. It’s a shop that celebrates modern makers, healthy living and caring for one’s inner and outer space.

Erin and Nicole lived as neighbors in Providence’s West End and bonded over their shared creative natures and the special things about the neighborhood that they loved. So, they decided to come together, along with other local artists, to create this truly unique shopping destination (next door to Nicole’s original Lilian Asterfield location) that officially opened its doors in October. The space features small batch, artisanal works from over 30 artists, including many local makers, from all over the United States.

When I met with Erin on a chilly Friday evening, the bright little shop was like an ethereal escape from the windy night. Erin explains that, “Our focus is on wellness and creativity, and curating a beautiful life. Everything’s focused on being tranquil, calm and peaceful.” They don’t only use the space to showcase and sell the works of local artists and artisans, but to host workshops and classes on mindfulness and healthy living. “Asterluxe is a place to center and step away from the buzz of modern life,” say Erin and Nicole. “We want our customers to rely on us to offer the perfect gifts for themselves and others.”

The shop has a deliciously earthy feel. Though the space itself is quite small (350 square feet), there are endless goodies to explore. The walls are covered in air plants and succulents in cool and crafty containers. Each little piece is clearly unique and made with passion, quite unlike anything you’ll find in crowded chain stores. With intriguing jewelry, accessories, teas, pillows, hats, mugs and other pottery, towels, prints, body products, plants, trinkets and even pet supplies, it’s a perfect place to find a truly thoughtful gift. It’s a gift you (and the recipient) can feel especially good about since everything is supporting local artists and is handmade with organic, natural and well-sourced materials and ingredients.

A few of the events at Asterluxe this month include a tea tasting on January 7, where you can try some of the organic teas they carry in the store and get a discount on a handmade mug, and a mindful meditation workshop on the 12th. They already held one back in October; during the workshop, a meditation expert brings her equipment to the store and leads a ten-person class through an hour-long guided meditation. Their website’s blog frequently shares articles on wellness and creative, happy living. All this makes Asterluxe so much more than just a shopping destination. It brings good vibes to the neighborhood in so many ways.

381 Broadway

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