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Bright Future Aura Photography Shows Your Inner Light

Glenna Van Nostrand captures your aura in photo form

Providence Monthly Magazine ·

You can’t hide who you really are from Glenna Van Nostrand of Bright Future Aura Photography. She won’t just capture your physical appearance, but the very nature of your soul. Her portraits show people bathed in an ethereal cloud of color which when compared to correlating chakras and Western color theories, represent our inner-most selves.  

Glenna takes her setup on the road, taking photos of people and their auras at weddings and festivals, but has also welcomed friends into her home for a cup of tea and an aura reading. That reading is what really makes the experience. She’ll walk you through the significance of the colors and patterns of your aura, explaining in detail what each hue says about you.

“I love doing it is because something always resonates. I feel like there’s something really special about it,” she says. “And if not, it’s a really beautiful portrait of you in a wash of color.” 

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