Clad In Helps You Be Your Most Stylish Self

The team at Wayland Square’s Clad In helps you dress for your individual style

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With each passing day, Wayland Square continues to get a little brighter. Back in April, Clad In, the chic women’s clothing boutique that’s been a fixture of the area for nearly seven years, expanded into what was formerly a wine shop, adding an extensive and beautiful shoe collection to their already stellar space.

It’s a glamorous, well-curated store, carrying intriguing looks for everyday, business, vacation and special occasions from both American and European designers you don’t often find in other places. Their inventory is unlimited when it comes to styles and sizes – catering to everyone. That’s exactly what the owners, State and Elizabeth Day Lawrence, had in mind when they created Clad In over ten years ago, beginning with their location in Stonington, CT. They set out to create an alternative to the usual chain store fare, establishing a store with an emphasis on the items being interesting, well made and comfortable. The owners are not only the curators of all the clothes, jewelry, accessories and shoes you’ll find at Clad In, but are the interior designers, as well. Everything is congruent with their very well polished and inviting aesthetic.

On a sunny Saturday morning, I met with three of the five women on the Clad In team: Leslie Grant, Asa Orsino and Melanie St. Jean. Each of the stylists has her own unique background in various fields of fashion, design and business, and they all have projects and interests outside Clad In that they’re passionate about. All of this bursting creative energy is brought to the table when they’re working with a customer. “We create an atmosphere where people are really enjoying themselves,” says Asa. “Many of our customers become our good friends.”

Clad In offers a special shopping experience, thanks mostly to this dedicated team of stylists. “It’s not just buying clothes or clothing women, it’s a whole experience,” says Leslie. When you come in, the team is ready to help build you an individual look based on your stylistic preferences and what works best with your body and preexisting style. Much of their established customer base is fashion-savvy. Women mostly know what they want when they walk in, but the team is also equipped to help out the shyer customers. “I’ve put together an outfit for someone who was going to their 30-year high school reunion, and they came in totally stressed because, you know, that’s such a huge event to put yourself together for,” says Leslie. “But by knowing the body type and reading the customer, we put together a fabulous outfit for her and she came back in a week later and said, ‘I felt beautiful, I felt confident.’” Leslie also shares a story of a woman who had come in just the day before still raving about an outfit the Clad In team had put together for her back in the fall, telling them it had become her go-to feel-good outfit.

Clad In also holds a number of regular trunk shows and salon classes at both their Providence and Stonington locations. The trunk shows offer an exclusive experience, as Asa explains, “Designers or a representative of the designer are present, which is really, really helpful.” On September 6 they’ll be hosting MA+CH (formerly Marika Charles) and NFP sweaters on September 24. The classes are designed to help you learn new ways to work with different parts of your existing wardrobe, like a scarf styling salon and an eyeglass frame styling session.

To preview Clad In’s style and more information on upcoming events, check out their Facebook page, website, or follow them on Instagram at @cladinyourstyle. But, the truly special part of Clad In is the experience you get in the store itself. Whatever your preferred style is, if you walk into Clad In you’ll walk out clad in a look that is wholly you.

Clad In 
201 Wayland Avenue

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