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Let the good times roll well beyond the holidays at Kartabar

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Don’t listen to holiday season naysayers. What’s the rush to put away our revelry until next year? Who is the enemy of joy? It ends when we say it does, calendar dates and adult restraint be damned.

No, we’re not advocating that you be “those neighbors,” the ones who keep a weatherbeaten, inflatable Santa in their yard until June. (We’re busy passive-aggressively staring them down every time they leave for work in the morning, in fact.) You can stash the ironically ugly-but-whimsical sweaters until next year, and even commence dietary atonement if you like. But for heaven’s sakes, cling to at least one form of merriment as you wean yourself back to dull, grey normalcy. And, this being a drinks column, we recommend that it be of the boozy variety.

Luckily enough, Philippe Maatouk, a.k.a. the man behind Thayer Street’s venerable Kartabar, is a like-minded bon vivant. He asked bartender Jasmine Hawkins to create something for us to help keep the spirit alive, and she answered that call with a fresh take on the bubbly cocktail. Known fact: sparkling drinks are a Surgeon General-endorsed vaccination to ward off The Ordinaries. Get your daily dose at Kartabar throughout the extended holiday season, or DIY at home with Hawkins’ formula.

New Year’s Cheer

Serves 2... because as a rule, festive cocktails should come in pairs

Choose a dry or extra-dry Prosecco for a drink that’s sprightly rather than saccharine. 

  •  A handful of blackberries 
  •  A splash of St. Germain liqueur
  •  Prosecco for two
  •  2 sprigs of rosemary (or thyme)
  •  2-3 Tbsp raw sugar

Start with the sugar rim by pouring enough raw sugar on a saucer to create a very thin layer. Wet each flute’s rim, and dip in the sugar to coat. Set aside.

Meanwhile, muddle the blackberries lightly in a small glass or jar. Spoon desired amount into each of two champagne flutes, using more if you want a fruit-flavored cocktail and less if you want just a tinge. (Take care not to knock off the sugar rim in the process) Add a splash of St. Germain to each flute, and top with Prosecco. To get the most out of your herbs, compress the sprigs lightly in the palm of your hand before adding as a garnish.

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