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Come for Dinner, Stay the Night

Narragansett’s Bed and Bistro elevates seasonal cuisine

So Rhode Island Magazine ·

It really doesn’t matter what time of year it is, a vacation is a vacation. Whether you’re escaping to warmer climates or remaining local for a staycation, a little time away is a breath of fresh air. If a staycation is more up your alley, consider Bed and Bistro, formerly the Grinnell Inn. If you’re a big fan of Crazy Burger you’re in luck: Bed and Bistro is now under the same ownership.

The building is equal parts Bed, equal parts Bistro. Within the Bed part, the rooms are light, airy, comfortable and are named for localicons like The Towers, Sand Hill Cove, Rose Island, Bonnet Shores, Ocean Breeze and Driftwood. The Bistro is where you can expect your tummy to be filled with fresh-from-the-sea options and land lubbing treats. No South County restaurant worth their salt would leave calamari its their menu, and The Bistro is no exception. What elevates theirs is that it’s gluten-free. The delicate calamari rings are tossed in cornmeal then served with pickled fennel, roasted red peppers and accompanied by a Meyer lemon aioli. Then again if meat is on your mind, the Bistro Burger is sure to satisfy. Served on a croissant roll with maple-Pommery mayo (trust me on this), New England grass-fed chuck, short rib and brisket combine to form a delicately delicious patty that’s topped with Gruyere, bacon, arugula and braised onions. Get it with sweet potato fries; the fries caramelize slightly for sweet yet savory bite.

If this is sounding similar to what you would find at Crazy Burger, you’re kind of right. “What separates The Bistro from Crazy Burger is that we are doing at The Bistro what we don’t have time or space for anymore at Crazy Burger,” explains Bed and Bistro owner Michael Maxon. “The Bistro cuisine is meant to represent the bounty of New England on a plate. We are striving to use the best ingredients we can find locally and build seasonal menus around them.”

Best of all, you don’t have to be staying at The Bed and Bistro to enjoy the dining area. Come by the cozy restaurant decorated with sparkling lights and enjoy the bounty of our state. Feel free to even bring a bottle of wine, it’s BYOB after all. 83 Narragansett Avenue, Narragansett. 284-3535


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