Community rallies for friend injured in motorcycle crash

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No one in Sloane Jaffa’s family was prepared for the phone call that all people dread. He had been involved in a horrific accident on Sunday, April 1 and had been taken to Rhode Island Hospital.

His injuries have left him in the ICU, with severe head trauma and punctured lung. A miracle is needed for his recovery.

Sloan graduated from Cranston East in 1991, where he was a local soccer star and friend to all.

In the days since the accident his friends and family have continually posted to Facebook pages offering prayers and support.

A special fundraiser event has been scheduled for Sunday, April 15 at The Joint, 1150 Oaklawn Avenue, at 2:00 p.m.

"Sloan is a humble man, who makes everyone feel like a friend no matter who you are,” said Chris Campagnone, one of the fundraiser’s organizers and a friend of Sloan’s since high school. “You may not have spoken in years but if you needed him, he is right there to help. He would give you the shirt off his back. I know I speak for many when I say we are blessed to have a friend like Sloan.”

There is a page set up for Sloan for his ever-increasing medical bills and costs.

His friend, Tammy Miller-McDonald, spoke of Sloan’s character as well when she started the page.

“The overwhelming love for Sloan's fight is not surprising, it's a true testimony to who he is,” she wrote. “He is a true friend who has touched so many of our lives. Sloan is one of the most loyalist, genuine, caring, generous guys we all know. A friend who brought his sarcasm and humor to every event. You could not help but be all smiles when Sloan was around. Sloan has been there for all of us thru the years of birthdays, weddings, babies being born, vacations, anniversaries, holidays, good times and bad. And with that being said we hope you can all be there for him in this great time of need. It's going to be a long road ahead for him and his family. We appreciate all your prayers, love and support.”

Sloan's friends also shared humorous and character telling stories about him.

Josh Orlandi recalled the story of when he played on a soccer team with Sloan and Jake Nichols. Sloan's dad recruited him to play soccer.

"When we were about 14 years old, we were on a soccer travel team away from our parents for the first time,” Orlandi said. “All of us were smelly slobs but Sloan brought an iron and ironed his clothes and his soccer uniform. He had all of his clothes neatly folded and put away. Sloan’s always been like that.”

Jake, who has known Sloan for a very long time, spoke about his relationship with him.

“We were closer than brothers and attached at the hip every single day from the time we met as four year old boys until after college,” he said. “Everyone would call me Sloan & Sloan Jake. It's so hard to pick one memory from 40 years worth of a friendship. And it's as if a piece of me is gone without him right now because it's as if the two of us were one person growing up. Sloan and Jake....Jake and Sloan.”

There are no tickets needed to attend the 2:00 event at The Joint this Sunday. Donations will be gratefully accepted at the event.

For complete details and information about the event on April 15, contact Charcie Moniz 401-595-3109.

There will be entertainment, food, raffles, and an area for donations. For those who can’t make it visit

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