Cthulhu on the Big Screen

Providence Monthly Magazine ·

For those looking to revel in all things weird, nothing compares to NecronomiCon, Providence’s celebration of its premier literary son, horror writer HP Lovecraft, which runs August 16 through 20. Beside panels, talks, gaming booths and other attractions, the convention will also hold a series of film screenings, bound to make you “walk away feeling things squirm inside you,” to quote events programmer Izzy Lee.

The star of the festival is Richard Stanley, South African director and cult horror legend, whose films, such as Dust Devil, a blend of surrealism and African folklore, and The Otherworld, a purportedly true tale of religious mysticism in Southern France, feature prominently in the selection; he’ll even be on hand for a Q&A after each movie. Other features include Malpertuis, a 1971 Belgian flick staring Orson Welles, and La Herencia Valdemar, a little-seen Spanish adaptation based on Lovecraft’s work. The program also includes a healthy dose of “creepy” shorts by local filmmakers.

Best of all, screenings are open to the general public for only five dollars, and come free with a convention pass. Features will be shown at the Providence public library, and shorts at AS220’s black box theater.

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