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To the Editor:

For the past 24 years, District 21 has been represented by Eileen Naughton. She was a champion for the disabled, the elderly, and the environment, and I thank her for that. On financial issues, however, she let us down. She voted the way she was told to (by the house leadership) on every important financial issue including sales tax, excise tax, 38 studios, and bridge tolls, just to mention a few, and that’s why she was voted out in the primary.

In the upcoming election, District 21 has an important choice to make from 3 candidates. The two major party candidates (Camille Vella Wilkinson and Mike Penta) are good friends with each other and are very much the same old song we’ve been hearing for years. Mike Underwood is running as an independent, but has plans to stand up to the house leadership and push for “Real” ethics reform, line item veto for the Governor, elimination of the grant program, and to revoke the toll program. The other candidates have said they were against the toll program but have not said, as Mike did, that they would work to revoke the toll program.

These are all very important issues to help get our district and our state back on track and Mike has promised to work to fix these issues and to listen to us. Will the others or will they fall in line with the leadership? Mike has been responsive to my inquires, he has asked for advice when he wanted help from constituents on important issues, he has promised to listen to us and vote the way we want him to. For me, the choice is clear, an outsider not afraid to work hard and stand up to the leadership, Mike Underwood is the choice for me and for people who want real change.

Whoever is elected must represent us, District 21. No matter who wins, we must watch, advise, and hold them accountable for the way they vote. We can never again let someone make decisions for us, especially for such a long time, who doesn’t really represent us. Whoever wins, please represent us, vote the way the District tells you to vote, even if that’s not the way the speaker tells you to vote. Change Rhode Island, Warwick, and District 21 for the better, I…we…will be watching…and we won’t be fooled again…

David Kruzona


Kruzona ran in the primary for the Democratic nomination in House District 21, which was won by Camille Vella-Wilkinson.

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