God doesn't control guns, we do

Warwick Beacon ·

To the Editor:

Almost immediately after receiving news about the church attack in Texas, President Trump said it was too soon to discuss gun control. This is a common Republican assertion, but they never seem to disclose a reasonable time to begin discussions. Instead they rely on asking everyone to pray for something good to happen to prevent further slaughter. They’re content to quote Bible verses like “Prayer can move mountains.”

But years of prayer has not changed the situation for the better. If anything, conditions have deteriorated, casualties are skyrocketing, and the prospects are things will get worse unless something drastic is done.

Perhaps we should consider the maxim “God helps those who help themselves.” Maybe He’s been waiting all this time for legislators to at least make a minimal effort to rectify a controllable issue before seeking divine intervention in everyday affairs. It’s long past time for politicians to ignore the NRA and craft some real legislation that will end the carnage.

Barry Nordin


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