Letter: Disappointed in Mr. Douglas's deflection

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To the editor:

I was disappointed to read Mr. Douglas’s deflective letter in last week’s edition. I would have expected a more transparent response regarding his involvement with the state commission. Instead he rehashes the fight at last year’s financial town meeting, but never addresses the fact that he was planning to speak at a state commission meeting representing the Barrington School Department without the knowledge or permission of the school department or school committee. 

This is the very type of ethical breach that many concerned citizens feared would emerge with Scott Douglas serving on the committee on appropriations and his wife serving on the school committee.  

Instead of protecting the taxpayers of Barrington as a member of the committee on appropriations, it appears he is using his position to advance his agenda of later school start times by conflating his role as a town official to pose as a representative of the schools.  

Mr. Douglas is “free to express his opinion,” but he is not free to represent the school department.

I commend Mr. Douglas for his strategic assembly of the “start time dream team COA.” What will he and the rest of the COA think is an appropriate tax increase this year? 

The COA is a committee that recommends a budget at the FTM. Its priority is the financial stability of our town. It should not be a platform for personal agendas. 

Lisa Daft


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