Letter: Don't buy into pothead 'B.S.'

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To the editor,

Dear members of the RI House Judiciary Committee,
I understand you had a hearing on Tuesday, April 11, on House bill H-5555 that seeks to legalize marijuana for recreational use. I strongly oppose this bill and any legislation that would legalize marijuana for recreational use. But, I support House Resolution Bill 5561 that seeks a one-year special commission to study the issue before taking any action to implement legalization of marijuana for recreational use.

The reasons for opposing such legislation far out numbers the one, sole reason for its enactment - and that reason is more money. More money for those who are promoting it, those who will benefit financially from its production, sale, distribution, use, etc., and the state coffers from taxing all proceeds and licensing growers.

Those who claim that legalizing marijuana will promote public health and safety must never look in a mirror. They are just plain wrong and they know it. If they don't, then they have other shortcomings. Lobbyists are making a healthy living promoting this rubbish.

It might also be worth pointing out and re-emphasizing that the possession, use, sale, distribution, growing, etc. of marijuana is a criminal violation of federal law. Nor is there an exception under federal law for medicinal use of this controlled substance. The state has no legal right to violate federal criminal law any more than any citizen of this state or nation. This state and other states that have already seen fit to violate federal law are setting one fine example for their citizens, especially, their youth.

I urge each of you to do all that you can to learn as much as you can about the harmful effects of this controlled substance and vote to hold this bill in committee. The residents of this state, along with law enforcement, do not need to have to contend with this additional source of addiction, judgment impairment, criminal activity and escapism from reality that use of marijuana represents.

Do not buy into the public health and safety line of B.S. espoused by those who hope to benefit financially from this movement.

Peter Hewett
11 Wendy Drive

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