Letter: I'm leaving Warren, and here's why

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To the editor:

I have resided in this little town of Warren for two years and previously for five, and I find myself moving out of town for several reasons. As a disabled person I fought for two years to have our

town officials better the sidewalks in town, and that fell on deaf ears. I made several concerns that the former town manager was not doing his job, and did not provide his status of working at the pleasure for the citizens/taxpayers of Warren. Nobody would listen till this past December when he was shown the door and exit. Other issue is the problem with landlord (slumlords) that maintain rundown buildings and want rent, when the buildings are not up to code, our present building official/and new code enforcement has a very long road ahead of them to get this situation corrected caused by many years of town officials looking the other way. That brings me to the unplowed sidewalks, our town has the responsibility to maintain and repair our sidewalks and do nothing, however also has the responsibility to clean the sidewalks of snow. The town closes their eyes at this issue, as the ordinance in place is suppose to fine property owners for not clearing a path, and are let to ignore this rule, and yet the town DPW has the responsibility to clean sidewalks, however I viewed students walking to the middle school walking in the road, due to the sidewalks are snow/ice over.

Newly appointed DPW director Malik was not available to comment why. Town of Warren bureaucracy I call it, and until the people of this town want this changed keep voting in these present sleepers. With opinion comes some people saying good riddance, as other always agreed I was hitting that raw nerve. Being a former radioman, see you in the AM mode!

Dave Silvia

Child Street

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