New picnic area coming to Rocky Point this spring

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Those wondering what all the commotion was about down at Rocky Point these past few days, where an excavator could be seen digging up chunks of rock and concrete from the area close to the former Olympic swimming pool, can now rest assured.

Rocky Point visitors will have a new place to picnic come this spring, according to Director of the Department of Public Works Richard Crenca.

As one part of a two-part project – the first to remove asphalt as mandated by the Department of Environmental Management (DEM) to improve the efficiency of stormwater management in the area – the city of Warwick will be installing a sheltered picnic area with four new benches and four new picnic tables for use by the public.

The project, which will be constructed by the New England Recreation Group, was granted approval for expenditure by the city council towards the beginning of 2018, and took about $36,450 out of a $100,000 grant for making improvements to Rocky Point, which was awarded to the city by DEM in 2016.

A similar grant was awarded for City Park for $350,000. Crenca said that workers will be installing two more of the sheltered picnic areas and eight dugout-style shelters there.

Crenca said that the city would be figuring out how to best spend the approximately $63,000 left over from the grant at Rocky Point, but no ideas had been finalized yet.

After excavating the concrete, Crenca said the city would be grading and looming the surface and seeding the surrounding area before pouring the foundation for the picnic area and installing the picnic pieces. He said the project should be wrapped up by the time it really starts to get nice outside in the spring.

“People will be able to have a much nicer experience down there,” he said.

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