Photo: Now how did that happen? ·

Here’s a tough one to explain: How this 2008 Hyundai ended up on its driver’s side, wedged against the CVS pharmacy on Metacom Avenue, last Friday afternoon. According to Bristol Police Capt. Brian Burke, the driver, a 78-year-old Bristol woman, was driving in CVS’s small parking area along the building’s west side, facing north toward Warren. As she attempted to turn right into a parking space, her car accelerated and she struck first a parked car, then the curb and then a support pillar for the roof overhang. At that point, the car flipped onto its driver side and turned 180 degrees until it faced south. “Obviously I can only assume that the wheel was turned to the right” and the wheels were still turning, causing the car to get enough traction to end up on the sidewalk facing south, Capt. Burke said. The woman was not injured and the building sustained no damage, though the car received scrapes and dents.