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On January 17 around 12:54 a.m. Officer Michael Walker met with a woman in the front lobby of police headquarters to report that her cell phone had been stolen.
In her statement, the victim indicated she was at her doctor’s office at 300 Toll Gate Road around 10:45 a.m. waiting for her appointment when she inadvertently left her cell phone behind in the office. She returned around 12:45 to see if the phone was still there, but could not locate it on the premises.
Described as a Galaxy Prime phone, the victim was unable to provide a serial number for the device, but wished to press charges if a perpetrator is apprehended.

Warwick Police were called to an Alvin Street residence on January 8 around 2:30 p.m. for a report of a stolen all terrain vehicle.
According to Officer Steven Major’s report, the victim’s daughter had observed a male in an older model, beat up and dark colored Jeep with a yellow snowplow had been in the area. She also saw and heard the Jeep take off from the scene. A check of the area by officers proved negative.
Officer Major advised that if the victim wished to press charges a vehicle identification number would need to be provided to enter the ATV as stolen. A written statement, VIN and purchase agreement were later provided to the department for their investigation. Currently there are no suspects or witnesses.

A woman visited police headquarters on January 15 around 3:50 p.m. to file a report for a larceny from her car.
The woman told Officer Michael Walker that between the hours of 11:45 p.m. on January 14 and 6:30 a.m. on January 15, someone entered her unsecured vehicle while parked in the driveway of her residence on Everleth Avenue. She discovered her glove box opened, and a cheetah colored JanSport backpack containing school items and a Special Education assessment college textbook, valued at $300, had been taken.
While there are no suspects or witnesses, the victim does wish to press charges if a suspect is caught.

Officer Matthew Higgins observed a vehicle headed south on Route 95 on January 15 around 4:47 p.m., which was traveling 71 miles per hour in a posted 55 mile per hour zone, and initiated a traffic stop.
He then met with car’s occupants who identified themselves. A background check then revealed that a passenger, identified as Aurelio Carranza, 28, of 254 Shawmet Avenue in Central Falls, had an active bench warrant for failure to appear on a technical hearing violation. He was arrested and transported to police headquarters, where he was booked and processed. Carranza was later transported to the ACI.


At approximately 1 a.m. on January 17, Officer Jeffery Taranto was at a fixed traffic post at the 600 block of Quaker Lane when he observed a vehicle travel through a red light at the intersection before continuing into the Denny’s restaurant parking lot. A traffic stop was then conducted.
Upon making contact with the driver, who was later identified as Demetri Harris, 19, of 394 Walmsley Lane in Saunderstown, the officer observed Harris’s eyes were bloodshot and watery and that the smell of alcohol was emanating from him. Harris told the officer he was going to Denny’s to eat. When asked, Harris stated that he had two beers that evening, and that he did not have his license with him.
He was asked to step out of his vehicle, however Harris was entangled in a cell phone charging cord and had difficulty exiting. Once outside, he agreed to partake in a series of standardized sobriety tests.
Based upon Harris’s performance and the officer’s observations, it was determined that Harris was unfit to operate a motor vehicle. As he was being escorted to the police cruiser, Harris stated that he was sorry and that he just had a DUI a month ago. An inventory check of his vehicle discovered a small bag containing a green leafy substance under the driver’s seat, which Officer Taranto recognized as marijuana. After being transported to police headquarters following his arrest, Harris refused to submit to a chemical breathalyzer test.
Harris was charged with driving under the influence, second offence, refusal to submit to a chemical test, second violation, driving on a suspended license, obedience to a traffic control device, and possession of marijuana first offence.
The suspected marijuana was tested, which came back positive. Contained in the bag was 10.5 grams of cannabis. He was later released.

On January 13 at approximately 3:51, Officers Jonathan Reiff and John Zaborski were dispatched to the Bald Hill Road Dick’s Sporting Goods store for a report of a shoplifting. While en-route, dispatch advised that the suspect was no longer on the scene.
Once on scene, the officers met with the store manager who stated a male customer, approximately 30 years old, 5’5” tall wearing a gray hoodie, a knit ski hat, and jeans had been shopping in the store at approximately 3:30. The manager witnessed the suspect pick two North Face hoodies, then make his way to the front of the store and with the aid of an accomplice, described as a white female with dark hair wearing a long black jacket, exit through the front without paying. The merchandise was valued at approximately $200.
Both suspects then entered a red Chevy Cruise.   While there was no quality video of the offense taking place, the store wished to file a complaint. Currently there are no suspects.

Officer Quentin Tavaras and other members of the department on January 11 around 5:46 were advised by dispatch that Warwick Mall security were attempting to stop a man who had allegedly shoplifted from the Macy’s department store. They were advised that security was on the east side of the building and that the man was now being combative, but was detained in handcuffs.
Inside the loss prevention office of Macy’s, Officer Tavares met with store personnel who advised that she had observed two subjects, a male and female, enter the store and head to the wrap stand to attempt to return some items. There, a store associate at the stand refused the return as the items did not have any customer return labels. The duo then proceeded to the children’s department on the second floor.
According to the report, the woman then removed two girl’s tops from hangers and handed them to the man, later identified as Manuel Carlow, 29, of 126 Main Street, Apt. 2F in West Warwick, who concealed them in a plastic bag. Additional merchandise was then taken and concealed in the same fashion. Carlow then left the woman behind and exited the store without making any attempts to pay.
Carlow was then stopped by security and resisted, becoming combative and refusing to return to the store. A struggle then ensued, and some merchandise was retrieved before Carlow was taken to the ground and handcuffed. After the struggle, $44.40 worth of merchandise was recovered.
A video and photographs of the incident was provided to officers. Carlow was then taken to police headquarters, where he was charged with one count of misdemeanor shoplifting.

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