Portsmouth Police charge two men with using illegal fireworks

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PORTSMOUTH — Two men were charged with using illegal fireworks during separate displays in Common Fence Point Saturday night, July 1.

Shortly before 9 p.m., two officers investigated a fireworks complaint on Anthony Road, near the northern tip of the Point. There they found Brian Morrissey, 26, of 74 Cannongate III, Nashua, N.H., along with several other party revelers.

Mr. Morrissey told police he was unaware that the fireworks were illegal in Rhode Island, and complied when police asked him to place his unused fireworks into a cruiser.

He then became argumentative, however, saying it was unfair for police to confiscate his fireworks when others were firing them off as well, according to police. The officers responded that they would be investigating other fireworks complaints as well.

As he was placing fireworks into the cruiser, a large crowd of people from the party followed behind angrily, police said. One woman cursed at police and asked if they had anything better to do, according to police. 

Some party-goers then told police of an illegal fireworks display at a nearby residence at 51 Narraganset Road, where police found Devin K. Skelly, 52, of that address. Several people began to “boo” the two officers for confiscating the fireworks, according to police.

Both men were charged with the use and possession of illegal Class C fireworks valued at under $500.

Here are some more highlights from the Portsmouth Police reports from over the past week:

Monday, June 26

James A. Fuller, 20, of 38 Annandale Road, Newport, was charged with disorderly conduct (exposing his genitals) at about 8:30 p.m. Police said they observed Mr. Fuller urinating near the bus stop at the corner of West Main Road and Hedly Street. According to police, Mr. Fuller said he had just come from the Carnegie Abbey golf course and did not pause to urinate for fear of missing the RIPTA bus to Newport. Furthermore, he said he was from Ireland, where “people urinate wherever they want,” according to police.

John A. Caetano, 44, of 183 Redwood Road, was charged around 11:30 p.m. with driving while intoxicated (first offense). Police said they pulled Mr. Caetano over on West Main Road near Turkey Hill after receiving a report of a dump truck being operated erratically. The truck was swerving in between both lanes of travel, according to police.

Wednesday, June 28

Eugene H. Leavens, 51, of 141 Bellevue Ave., Apt. 2, Providence, was arrested at about 8 a.m. and charged with larceny of under $1,500, a felony. The charge stems from a complaint first made on June 15, when a Mohawk Drive woman told police that her ring and $300 in cash had been taken from her bedroom nightstand. The woman said there was no forced entry and that about 11 different workers from painting and cleaning companies had been in the house over the previous four days. Police later identified Mr. Leavens as the suspect, and said he had pawned the ring at a shop in Providence. After securing a warrant for his arrest, Portsmouth Police arrested Mr. Leavens outside the Providence Center in Cranston. Police said there was also a Superior Court full bench warrant for Mr. Leavens’ arrest. The ring was returned to its rightful owner.

Randall M. Rua, 30, of 116 Cenna St., Warwick, was charged at 10:10 a.m. with possession of a controlled substance, a felony, as well as domestic assault and obstructing an officer in the execution of duty. Police responded to Mobile Mart on West Main Road for a report of a domestic assault in progress. When they arrived, police found a man outside the store, trying to get in. (The clerk had locked the door, police said.) Police said Mr. Rua initially gave them a false name when asked to identify himself. Earlier, Mr. Rua and a 26-year-old Tiverton woman were in a car headed north on West Main Road when they began to argue as she was driving, police said. Mr. Rua flicked his cigarette at her and put his hands around her neck, police were told by the woman, who said she swung wildly at Mr. Rua in defense. Police said Mr. Rua had multiple scratches on his chest, arms and back. During a search of the vehicle, police found a small clear bag containing what they believed to be the methamphetamine, “Molly.” 

Thursday, June 29

Angus D. MacColl, of 20 Arnold Ave., Jamestown, was charged at 4 p.m. with possession of a controlled substance, a felony. Police said they stopped Mr. MacColl’s car on Turnpike Avenue after getting a report of a vehicle swerving in and out of the lane of travel. During a search of the vehicle, police said they found a clear plastic bag with several pills later identified as Buprenorphine.

Marshall Broadus, 40, of Spartanburg, S.C., was charged with soliciting in violation of a town ordinance shortly before 8 p.m. An Adams Drive resident said the man, who had been at her house earlier trying to sell magazines, said he worked for a non-profit organization that helped underprivileged kids. When approached by police, Mr. Broadus said he worked for Graceful Hands and didn’t know he needed a permit. Previous records indicated, however, that he had been approached by police two days earlier for soliciting without a permit, according to police.

Friday, June 30

Vychet Meas, 45, of 142 Seabury St., Fall River, was charged around 1:30 a.m. with driving while intoxicated (first offense). Police said they pulled his car over on East Main Road at Oliveira’s Garage for leaving the lane of travel. Mr. Meas was also cited for refusing to submit to a chemical test.

Brian R. Ferreira, 31, of 87 Durfee Road, Tiverton, was charged around 4 p.m. on four felony Superior Court full bench warrants. Mr. Ferreira’s vehicle was pulled over on Route 24 North near Sprague Street for having multiple registration stickers, said police, adding that his registration had also expired. During a search of the vehicle, police said they found five Suboxone tablets as well as Percocet, for which he did not have a prescription.

Patrick J. Carson, 21, of 44 Attleboro Ave., Portsmouth, was charged shortly before midnight with driving while intoxicated. His car was stopped on Chase Road because it’s headlights were off, according to police. Mr. Carson was also cited for refusing a chemical test. 

Sunday, July 2

Flavio A. DaCosta, 23, of 4001 North Main St., Apt. 404, Fall River, was charged with driving while intoxicated (first offense) at about 1:15 a.m. Mr. DaCosta was also cited for refusing a chemical test. His car was stopped on Route 24 North on the Sakonnet River Bridge for speeding and leaving the lane of travel, police said.

Casey A. Perry, 56, of 458 Park Ave., was charged around 5:10 p.m. for domestic assault. Police responded to Cove Street for multiple calls regarding two women fighting in the roadway. Police said a 43-year-old local woman reported that Ms. Perry had assaulted her after an argument over a cell phone. The woman had scratch marks on her left cheek and shoulders, red marks around her neck and a broken pinky nail, police aid. 

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