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Providence Animal Rescue League Opens New Space For Dogs

Providence Monthly Magazine ·

Things are looking shiny and new over at Providence Animal Rescue League (PARL). PARL recently expanded its dog adoption area, replacing their old ‘70s era kennels with 370 square feet of double-sided kennels with acoustic panels to lessen barking noise. The new kennels feature private spaces for shy dogs, bigger spaces for larger dogs and kennels that two or more bonded animals can spend time in together. PARL has made their new kennels all about the dogs’ comfort while they’re waiting to go to their forever homes. And, it’s not all for our furry canine friends. This new space has the dogs moved away from the cat area, so that the dogs’ feline counterparts can get some rest without their noisy neighbors. The new space is something for everyone to wag their tails about. 34 Elbow Street, 421-1399.

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