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Punching Out Challenges

Taking the gloves off with Jamie Clampitt

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Name: Jaime Clampitt
Sport: Boxing


  • Amateur boxer in Canada, won two Canadian National Titles
  • Had 28 pro bouts and won four world titles
  • Retired in 2013

She trains boxers at Hard Knock’s Boxing Club in West Warwick and is a holistic health counselor.

Now that you’re retired, do you ever get in the ring?

“Boxing is still my favorite workout. I have had to switch up my training a lot in the last year because I was in a car accident and had a head injury, so I’m unable to get in the ring and spar. I still love to do bag work and pads a few times a week. I love hitting the pads. Even after training all of these years it still kicks my butt. I also run and do strength training two to three times a week.”

Has your diet changed?

“I have been a vegan for about four years, so my diet is mostly plant-based. I feel that becoming a vegan has improved my athletic performance. I have a lot more energy and endurance. For supplements, I use a vegan protein after my workouts, as well as omegas, B12 and a multi-vitamin.”

What aspects of fitness challenge you?

“Last year I started working with a trainer to help me improve on posture and flexibility. Becoming more flexible helps me recover a lot faster and prevent injury. It is something that I need to continue to work on.”

What should someone know before lacing up the gloves?

“Boxing requires a lot of discipline, focus and sacrifice. Technically speaking, I would tell someone to focus on defense. I feel that it will prolong someone’s career because they will not be taking as many shots. Once I started to improve on my defense, fights were a little easier and I became a better boxer.”

Hard Knock’s Boxing Club, 560 Providence Street, West Warwick. 623-0918

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