Speak-Out: Farm must accommodate public, sailing school snafu

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This is about Mount Hope Farm. You’re getting TOO BIG FOR YOUR BRITCHES. The citizens of Bristol are not going to relive what was going on up there for a very long time — not letting anybody in like a private palace. Post signs and put the doggie bags up. Maybe hire a security person just like everybody else does. You’re running a big, profitable business now — and I know it’s under the auspices of non-profit. The people of Bristol funded a bond for the purchase of that — we haven’t forgotten that, OK? Like I said, do due diligence, put up signs, the doggie bags and the little containers, and that will be used and the trash will have to be picked up once a day. Yes, that is the cost of doing business, but you’re not going to ban the everyday people of Bristol from going there because of a few outliers. Think outside the box. You certainly have enough money. Like I said, it’s not going to be like it was before with a circus up there not letting anybody in. It was a private enterprise at the cost of the taxpayer.

What is going on with this Town Council. Seriously. Regarding the NON-PROFIT SAILING SCHOOLS. Obviously, it is not a business and it does not live in someone’s house. And the small amounts that all add up to significant cost, have any of the council people performed any analysis. Has anyone taken the time to assemble a spreadsheet. The council/s role is to think outside of the box, be stragtegic and establish precedent when necessary. This town is surrounded by water on three sides. Developing individuals who like to sail benefits the whole community. Maybe the Council should consider a role in government across the bay in towns where unaffordability is welcome.

This message is for Nick Cromwell. We feel your pain with the non-profit, and you wrote a very good letter. However, may I remind you that the adults who take your class — I know quite a few of them who speak very highly of the classes — can well afford more than what you’re charging. They party at the yacht club; I meet them downtown. They’re very excited, but they make over way over a hundred thousand. They can certainly afford two weeks for more than $500. They’re ordering, you know, big glasses and bottles of wine and all that. It’s a great organization. But the people of Bristol ARE GETTING TAXED TO DEATH. It’s unsustainable what’s going on, and of course, they’re going to look for places that — I don’t think you’re taking advantage, but you’ve found loopholes, which is great, but they’re closing, like they’re closing on all of us. Big government, big taxes. Hopefully, things will change. But, like I said, the kids, you get the scholarships and people donate a lot of money, so you’re fundraising for that. Some of you courses are not $500, it’s a lot more. And they come from Weston, Newton, Wellseley, Boston, because it’s a lot cheaper with you than with somebody else, and they get the certification. You’re going to have to jack up your fees. Good luck.

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