The Ghost Hunt Continues

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Friday, September 15, is the premiere of the second season of local paranormal investigator Amy Bruni’s Kindred Spirits. Before season one of her show came out, Amy spent seven years familiarizing herself with the paranormal world on SyFy’s Ghost Hunters. She was also a member of Warwick’s The Atlantic Paranormal Society. Amy is the Rhode Island paranormal expert to consult, but she does not have your typical ghost show. Instead of just scaring us on Kindred Spirits, Amy combines the heart and emotion that goes into paranormal investigating with the fear factor. By confronting and researching the spirits head on, Amy attempts to free them of whatever keeps them in the homes they are “haunting.” Some may call Amy a ghost buster, but a better representation would be a helper and healer. As long as there is healing to be done, the show will go on.

What was the viewer response in regards to the first season of the show?
The show response has been amazing because we veered away from the normal format of a paranormal show. It focuses a lot on helping families and that was very refreshing for viewers. People liked that we still had the creepy side but with it we also had heart.

What do you hope to gain from this new season?
Season one really helped us gain the audience's trust. It also helped us find more compelling cases and show people they don’t need to feel helpless if they have a haunted home. Season two shows many of these new cases. Season one was all about getting the word out and showing that people can help and season two is really us continuing to help people.

Do you find that going into a second season more people have begun to look to you or even others who have a similar career path as you for help?

People watch these shows and they see I am not alone. A lot of people who have a haunting in their home feel crazy and are afraid to speak up and afraid to be ridiculed. But season one really brought out and brought to life the fact that we can help. People have been watching and rewatching the season one episodes and as a result even more people are coming to terms with the idea that there is someone that can help them and they don’t need to hide.

Was there any particularly meaningful experience on season one where you felt you really connected with and were really able to help someone?

For me, season one was definitely full of those moments. In one episode, The Basement, the woman’s brother was murdered in a basement while she was away on vacation. While she was gone her [other] brother with a drug problem broke in and murdered him. Because he was mentally disabled and she left him alone she felt responsible. She lived with that guilt and could not even set foot in her basement. We found evidence that he was there and at the end of the episode she walked down those stairs. That moment really personified everything we do and why we do it. We don’t just help the people in the homes, we also help the ghost.

What do you hope to accomplish after season two ends? Do you think/hope there will be more seasons?
Our purpose of the show was to show people that you can investigate with heart. It doesn’t have to be aggressive. We want to spread the message that you can be an investigator and help. We found that once we do a thorough investigation, usually that’s all it takes for them (the spirits) to move on. We love the opportunity the show has given us and we are hoping for many more seasons to come and many more people to help.

Can you give us some exciting hints or sneak peaks about what is to come in season two?
The season premiere on September 15 is at Lizzie Borden house in Fall River, MA. What is different about this investigation is we are investigating the Lizzie Borden house but not looking for the Bordens. There were also a few episodes that we did leave New England which we do not do too often. The new season is entertaining and fun.

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