The Look: Jude Sandy

Providence Monthly Magazine ·

"Growing up in Trinidad and Tobago had a big influence on my style, all the more so since I moved back to Providence after living in NYC. Trinbagonians are vibrant people and love dressing up, but the heat demands an easygoing approach. It made me appreciate humble, no-nonsense natural fibers like cotton and linen – currently I’m on the lookout for the perfect linen blazer, which to me is one of the epitomes of fashion luxury for a man.

"When I’m offstage, I’d rather not be the center of attention, so my focus is more on ease and subtlety. I like to wear things that have just enough architectural interest to make me feel pulled together, but always in an effortless kind of way. A Nehru-collared shirt in bright white or a dusky color hits my sweet spot every time. I don’t wear ties if I can help it, but I love scarves, relaxed blazers and fall outerwear.

"My focus when I travel for work is on packing simple, versatile items that can take me from the theatre or dance studio to dinner or meetings. The crisp white shirt comes into play here – it can do anything!

I get sentimental about things I love and wear them long after what some folks would consider reasonable. I have an affection for battered shoes, especially when worn with a nice outfit. I relish the understated defiance of it, not to mention the comfort. I have a couple pairs of shoes that I didn’t truly love until they had a hole or two in them. Then they became irreplaceable." 

You can see Jude in The Skeleton Crew at Trinity Rep this fall. 

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