Warren Democrats go after Trump

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Editor’s note: The Warren Democratic Town Committee passed this resolution at its most recent meeting this past Tuesday, Feb. 21:
WHEREAS: The actions of the administration of President Trump reflect values of xenophobia, sexism, contempt for public education, denial of health care as an essential human right, an alignment with Wall Street interests to the detriment of the majority of Americans, bigotry, vindictiveness, advocacy of the use of torture, a determination to sow mistrust of the media by denial of proven facts and consistent denigration of the free press, and the denial of accepted science; and
WHEREAS: These are in stark opposition to the core American values of religious freedom; tolerance of diversity; equal treatment and protection under the law for all persons regardless of socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity or sexual orientation, supporting the working and middle class, championing science and facts, universal health care and strong public education – values embraced by the Warren Democratic Town Committee, by the Democratic Party and by a majority of Americans including Americans who are members of the Republican Party or unaffiliated with any party or who may have voted for President Trump; and
WHEREAS: We believe that necessary opposition and obstruction by our United States Senators and Representatives in every way feasible is an important means to slow or thwart the disastrous Trump administration agenda; and
NOW, THEREFORE, it is hereby:
RESOLVED: That the Warren Democratic Town Committee call upon and support Senator Reed, Senator Whitehouse, Representative Langevin and Representative Cicilline to fight, oppose, obstruct, block, impede and filibuster those nominees, actions and initiatives of the Trump administration, and all congressional bills, which undermine the core American values described above. We resolve this in order to preserve the bedrock of American freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for ourselves and for future generations.
LET IT BE KNOWN that this resolution was passed by the Warren Democratic Town Committee on the 21st day of February, 2017.
This resolution was submitted to the Warren Times-Gazette by Steve Thompson, chairman of the Warren Democratic Town Committee.

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