Why music in our school is important

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To the Editor:

School-funded music programs create environments for children to work together and support each other. Music programs provide opportunities for young people, regardless of their academic or athletic skills, to learn more about a common interest. Band, jazz band, orchestra and chorus are classes where children learn it’s not just about “me” but more about “us.” What an amazing skill for young people to learn.

Students have a chance to build confidence and pride by performing in front of the public. From those shy first-year players who are thankful they have a music stand to hide behind, to students who play their first solos, each participant gains skills they will carry throughout their lives.

So, thank you Cranston residents and City Councilmen for voting to keep music in the schools. And thank you to the CPS music teachers for all the work you do. Music carries far beyond a heart -warming Rudolph sing-a-long on a snowy Friday night at PVMS. CPS music programs show our children that they can work together to create and share something beautiful with others.

Marcia Fowler


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