What is RhodyBeat?

What is RhodyBeat?
RhodyBeat is a website where users determine the content. You have an opinion about news in Rhode Island? Write about it in a blog. Did your family reunion this year attract a record crowd? Post a photo. Catch some exciting action at your son’s high school basketball game? Share it with a video. See what users like you have to say, and join in the conversation.

What does RhodyBeat have to do with the Warwick Beacon, Cranston Herald and Johnston Sun Rise?
You caught us. RhodyBeat was created by these three community newspapers, and some of the content you see is generated by our staff of dedicated reporters. But RhodyBeat extends beyond Warwick, Cranston and Johnston; it’s a place for all Rhode Islanders to come and share their stories - the news that is important to them.

How do I post photos, blogs or videos?
At the top of the page, there is a link that says SHARE. Click on that and the prompt will ask you what you want to share. Select what you want to share, add any multimedia you’d like, and click CONTINUE through the prompts. If you’re entering one of our photo contests, be sure to select the name of the contest in the list that appears below the prompt.

How do I share what I find on RhodyBeat?
Both above and beneath the photo, blog, etc., that you want to share, there are options that allow you to e-mail the content, tweet about it or post it to Facebook. Please, share it freely! That’s what RhodyBeat is all about.

Why do I need to register to comment?
Allowing only registered users to comment better ensures that we can monitor offensive or foul language, and keep the site family friendly. Don’t worry; we won’t share your information with anyone, and you can choose a username that does not directly identify you.

The comments on the right side of the page - where do those come from?
Those comments are a sampling of what our readers are saying on stories that appear in our newspapers. We post them on RhodyBeat in the hopes that you too will join in the debate.

What are QuickAds?
QuickAds are an easy-to-use, inexpensive way to advertise your services or business. Rather than rely on a company to design your ad, we give you the tools to build it yourself. Link to your own website, offer a coupon or post photos of your business, all within minutes!

Is there any charge to post my event, or other content?
No. You have the run of the site on RhodyBeat, and there is no fee associated with posting content or promoting events.

Share your events, stories, photos, comments, videos & opinions.

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