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3 New Skills to Learn in 2017

Make your Pinterest dreams a reality with cooking classes, art nights and writers' groups around Rhode Island

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2017 is the year you turn your Pinterest board into actual skills. There are so many interesting new things to learn – and the best part is, it’s really fun to learn them.

Sharpen Your Kitchen Skills
You don’t need to enroll at Johnson & Wales to learn your way around a kitchen. The Providence campus offers one-day drop-in classes on everything from knife techniques to appetizer and tapas classes to cuisines of the world. Professor Chef in North Providence is a husband and wife duo that teaches in their own kitchen while you sip wine. Middletown’s Newport Cooks brings in guest chefs from some of the East Bay’s best restaurants for one-night classes. Fine dining restaurants like Jamestown Fish, Ella’s Fine Food and Drink in Westerly and Simone’s in Warren all offer cooking classes where the chefs give you tips and tricks while they personally cook you dinner.

Paint the Rainbow
Well, you’ll probably only be seeing rainbows after your second glass of wine at a Paint and Drink class. Paint and Vino in Pawtucket, A Splash of Color in Riverside, Hello Van Gogh in Narragansett and Paint The Town Studios in Cranston all offer opportunities for you and your friends to channel your inner artists. It’s a fun night out and you get a piece of art to take home. Pro tip: how much you like your painting that night versus how much you like it in the morning is directly related to how much wine you drink during the class.

Write Out Loud
Writing is a solitary activity, but sometimes you need external motivation and guidance to get the best work out of yourself. Goat Hill Writers is run by acclaimed Rhode Island authors Ann Hood, Taylor Polites and Hester Kaplan, who offer workshops and expert advice on getting published. In Providence, Frequency Writers provides a quiet workspace and writing classes from local professionals. The Association of Rhode Island Authors hosts regular events with national authors around the state.

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