4,922 customers lose power in storm

The Cranston Herald ·

National Grid spokesman Ted Kresse said that, at the peak of the most recent storm during the Friday night hours going into Saturday morning, 4,922 Cranston residents had lost power.

The wind brought trees down throughout the city, from the entrance to Route 10 off of Park Avenue to a sidewalk being uprooted on Harmon Avenue, according to Public Works director Ken Mason.

Mason said that the city of Cranston’s infrastructure didn’t suffer much damage, but a “bunch of trees” were knocked down and National Grid had to work on many power lines that were knocked down as well. As for the uprooted sidewalks, Mason said that the city will be re-pouring new sidewalk to address it in the spring.

For residents who had trees fall into their yards or, in some cases, on top of their garages/houses, they can leave cut up pieces of wood on the street and call the Department of Public Works to come pick them up, Mason said. He said the smaller bunches of twigs and smaller branches can be put in yard waste bags or containers and will be picked up when waste management starts their rounds on April 2.

Mason also said that the city avoided problems with the Pawtuxet River, as it didn’t rise to the level some expected and no damage was suffered from overflow.

In regards to power, Fung said things are looking “OK” right now, with a few individuals still without power but no sections of the city without electricity. Kresse put that number at just 13 customers as of the Herald deadline.

For the snowstorm upcoming, Mason said residents should “be prepared for rains and winds” once again and the city will be “keeping an eye on the rivers and streams.”

According to forecasts, he added, this storm won’t be nearly as severe as last week’s.