9-year old gets birthday wishes from around the globe

Warwick Beacon ·

It’s not everyday that a 9-year-old asks for snail mail for his birthday. In fact, in this age of social media, Brady Wright could have had thousands of people wish him happy birthday from around the world in a single online post.

Instead, he asked for cards.

Brady received over 200 of from all 50 states, from Washington to Georgia, Maine to North Pole, Alaska, all wishing him a happy birthday. The last card from West Virginia arrived just in time for his birthday on Monday. A well-wisher even sent a bunch of Mickey Mouse balloons to Brady’s door.

Brady said he got the idea because he misses traveling. “I want to go to all these places but we can’t right now,” he said in an interview.

Brady said that one day, he’d like to visit the volcanoes in Hawaii.

April Wright, Brady’s mom, reached out to several groups on Facebook asking for postcards and letters to make her son’s birthday a special one.

“We were trying to think of ways we could celebrate, since traveling isn’t possible,” said April in an interview on Monday. “I just went online and asked a few groups of people if anyone would send him a card from where they lived. The amount of responses we’ve got has been overwhelming.”

Since April posted on Facebook, cards have flooded the Wright’s mailbox each day. Brady waited until his birthday to open the cards, spending the day going through each one.

“Is this far away?” Brady asked his mom as he opened a postcard from Maryland.

“Some people have said they want to be pen pals, and Brady wants to, so we’ll write back to those kids,” said April, who’s planning on recording a thank you video to all who wrote. She also plans on saving the letters in a scrapbook, so Brady will have the memories forever.

April says she never expected a response like this and it’s a birthday he’ll never forget.

Brady’s younger brother, Julien, age 5, said he’d also like to get cards from every state, but April said coordinating one birthday card collection was enough for this year.

When he isn’t opening birthday cards, Brady likes to play basketball and baseball. Brady celebrated his birthday by picking out a new game and eating cake at Gregg’s restaurant.

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