A plan for Warwick Schools

Warwick Beacon ·

To the Editor:

After reading about Mr. Thornton’s campaign for a bond issue to improve Warwick Schools, I felt the need to respond. While I agree that the buildings need improvement, I have solutions to improve our schools beyond the brick and mortar about which Mr. Thornton is so concerned.

First, find a new and effective superintendent.

Second, elect a school committee that cares about the education and welfare of the students and the fair treatment of the faculty. Currently, it seems there is just one member who consistently fulfills this criteria.

Finally, the Warwick School Department has always been top heavy in administrators beyond principals and vice principals. The number of administrators (and the staff that they require) needs to be reduced. Instead the school committee seems more concerned with reducing the number of faculty who actually care about the students.

While I agree that many buildings are in need of repair, fixing the buildings is not as important as creating a good teaching environment. The needs of the students and the teachers should be top priority.

Roberta Bianco