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A Sundae So Big It Comes in a Bucket

So Rhode Island Magazine ·

Here’s some summer homework for you: What do you get when you combine 20 scoops of ice cream, six toppings, two cookies, two brownies, three cups of whipped cream and one cherry? The Spinnakers Cafe Big Beach Bucket. “We started it about five years ago as a tribute to one of my favorite Food Network shows, Man vs. Food,” says owner Mike Ridge. Mike designed the dessert as a one-person challenge – “We usually get about 15 to 20 people per season who try it, but only five have completed it” – but lots of families get it to share. Those who tackle the entire bucket, by themselves and in 30 minutes, earn a free t-shirt and a place in the Jamestown cafe’s Hall of Fame. And the ice cream headache? That’s just a bonus.

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