A tribute to the fallen

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On May 8, a group of 10 Cranston Police Explorers and their advisers paid tribute to four Cranston officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty over the years.

Participating Explores were Sofia Rivare, 16; Rosangela Terrero, 17; Daisy Sanchez, 17; Derek Rocchio, 16; Isabella Ba, 15; Ethan Jones, 18; Ailyn Quiroa, 17; Jovan Parker, 16; Jesselyn Montes, 17; and Natasha Gosnzalez, 16.

Cranston Police Detective Robert Santagata, Inspector Thomas Okolowitcz and Sgt. Greg Weller led the group.

They visited a total of four graves – those of Officer Henry Johnson, former Chief John Bigbee, Sgt. Walter Busby and Detective William Palmer.

At each site, an Explorer gave a eulogy and set police memorial flags into the ground.

“It was an honor to learn about our fallen heroes of our city and be a part of their memorial service,” Sanchez said.

Summing up the day, Roccio said: “The job of a police officer takes a heavy toll. I wish the general public could see that.”

(Herald photos by Steve Popiel)

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