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Add Goat Pose to Your Yoga Routine in Middletown

The Bay Magazine ·

When it comes to relaxation, you really can’t beat yoga - an hour on the mat, with nothing to focus on but you, your thoughts and some deep stretches.
That is, unless you add baby goats.

Think of it this way: You take something good for you (in this case, yoga) and add something excellent to it (in this case, proximity to adorable baby animals), and you can only make it better. It’s like glitter in a birthday card; a lobster tail on your steak; a new car to match your new sunglasses. Great things come to those who add.

Goat yoga may sound like a hippie California fad, but it’s available right here in Rhode Island, at Simmons Farm in Middletown. Christine Reed and Karla Simmons host adult classes on Tuesday and Friday evenings, and Thursday mornings. On select Saturdays, family goat yoga classes allow you to bring the kids to experience a whole new method of mindful fitness. The idea is that connecting with nature and practicing yoga with other living beings heightens your connection to nature and presents you with a different level of mindfulness.

But if you’d rather keep your yoga in the studio and your animal appreciation in the barnyard, Simmons Farm also has a petting zoo, with sheep, geese, calves, ducks and - you guessed it - goats. No yoga mat required.

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