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Adventureland Goes to Extreme New Heights

So Rhode Island Magazine ·

Those with an adventurous streak know that there is more to summer than endless days at the beach, and the Big Air Jumper is the newest way to find heart-pounding fun at Adventureland in Narragansett. Thrill seekers are strapped into a harness and attached to a set of fiberglass poles, which launch them 20 feet into the air where they can soar, flip and plummet to the sounds of nothing but their own accelerating heartbeat and shrieks of laughter. Each time jumpers’ feet hit the inflatable bouncy pad they’re launched higher and higher, fulfilling childhood dreams of flying as high as a superhero to actually touch the sky. For Adventureland manager Melissa Kells-Burdick, the Big Air Jumper works because guests aren’t sitting in a ride while the excitement happens around them. Instead, they’re active participants who propel the ride, adjusting the thrills to their own pace. For the fearless and more reluctant alike, it’s the kind of ride that leaves you breathless, laughing and eager to go again.

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