Leading Ladies 2016

Annette “Annie” Birman

Owner – Annie B’s Honey Farm

So Rhode Island Magazine ·

Life is sweet for Annette Birman. Annie, as she’s better known, was always an outdoorsy person. She split most of her time as a professional equestrian and coordinating events with the Girl Scouts throughout her childhood and adult life. “I wanted to get involved with a hobby where I was still educating myself, but also others,” she says. And that’s where beekeeping came into her life, roughly 20 years ago. She studied at the Norfolk County Beekeepers Association’s Bee School and got herself two hives. “My hives began to multiply,” she says. “It quickly went from a hobby to a small business.” Today she has about 75 hives and works out of her Annie B’s Honey Farm, a two and a half acre space in Cumberland.

Annie is dedicated to teaching people about the therapeutic benefits of pure, raw honey. “I really enjoy working with ‘The Girls,’” she says of her Italian honeybees. “I love the science behind it, and educating the public about the medicinal and everyday uses of honey.” You can find Annie B’s all natural, award-winning honey at Dave’s Marketplace and Tom’s Market locations throughout Rhode Island, as well as on her website.

401-481-8293 • www.anniebsfarm.comanniebshoney@gmail.com

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