Beautiful Things owner Madeleine Whitley Talks Life’s Little Luxuries

Madeleine Whitley on keeping your home - and your life - beautiful

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Beautiful Things is such a simple concept: you sell lovely gifts, and create beautiful spaces in people’s homes and at their events.
It all goes back to when I started my business back in 2002. For something to be sold in my boutique it had to be beautiful and useful, too. In my mind there was no reason that practical and beautiful could not go together and that’s been my quest ever since. Everyone should have a little beauty in their lives.

I started this as a boutique and offered calligraphy too. Who knew that it would grow into wedding and event design and home design? Not me. Brides and customers would see my shop and love my displays and beautifully packaged gifts and ask if I could do the same for their events and weddings. I love creating, love doing displays, love designing for events, love creating beautiful gifts and of course love people.

What’s coming up this month?
I do an after Christmas Sale that features everything in the store 50% off – both holiday and everyday. I do this sale twice a year – after Christmas and in the summer. I usually close the third week of January and reopen in March with a Spring Open House. The shop will be filled with Spring décor and inspiration.

I love that your shop is filled with little, affordable luxuries. How do you like to indulge yourself?
I guess my indulgence is my shop! I get to shop and design and decorate every day. But of course a good glass of wine is always a great way to indulge, too. That and a beautiful kitchen towel.

Why do you think it’s so important to be surrounded with beautiful objects and spaces?
Sometimes a customer asks if she should buy a certain item and this item is for herself, I always ask: does it make you smile and feel beautiful? If so, then yes, buy it. I also believe that beautiful doesn’t mean expensive. There are so many ways to add beauty to your life that cost near to nothing. Light a candle and just see how it changes the mood and atmosphere of your room. Change out your throw pillows on your chairs and couches and notice that your room looks brand new. And, use your beautiful things. Don’t put them away for a special occasion, enjoy them.

January is an interesting month to talk about decor, because I feel like my house is the most drab during this month. All of the holiday decorations are down.
When I decorate for the holidays, while I incorporate holiday themed items, I always include greens, snowmen, snowflakes and wintery things that I can leave out. This way when I take away the holiday it doesn’t look bare and drab.

Beautiful Things
772 Main Road, Westport MA


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