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A design/build firm based in West Kingston, Exodus Construction & Design Group handles every aspect of a home or office project, from design to execution. Ann-Marie Goddard and her team create the vision, and her husband Christopher and his team execute it. We spoke to her about what we need to know to plan a home renovation, and the company’s new showroom.

We hear you have some big news.
Our showroom is finally opening this month! We’re showcasing tile, lighting, flooring and plumbing finishes, and kitchen and bath cabinetry. It’s also an interior design house, with custom fabrics and furnishings. We’ll be open for appointments starting July 3, and we’re having a grand opening on August 18-19, on Friday from 5-8pm, and Saturday from 3-6pm, with food, cocktails and live music. Besides inviting our prospective clientele and Rhode Islanders who are interested in this VIP event, we have a fabulous list of industry leaders coming, like the company that manufactures our custom line of cabinetry in North Carolina and executives from our lighting and appliance brands. It’s a neat group for homeowners to be able to rub elbows with, while they get a preview of our fabulous new showroom.

Do we have time for home improvements before the holidays?
Absolutely - the timing on the showroom is perfect for projects being done this fall. We can help with anything from providing finish materials if you’re already working with a builder or designer, to helping design the whole project. We can be as involved as you need us to be.

What’s a good timeline for big projects?
Now is a great time to be thinking about next spring, because often there are processes to go through such as permitting, variances and design work. You won’t be spending the majority of your dollars, but planning now will get you on the calendar for next year. Plan at least six months before you’d like to start work, then the professionals you are working with can coordinate to meet your expectations for timeline, budget and end results.

Your showroom works with other builders and designers, right?
We offer special accommodations for builders and designers who want to shop at the showroom or order from us – everything from special pricing to different design hours to work with their schedules. We love to work with people who are working on large home projects and who need help with customization.

Exodus Construction & Design Group
351 Liberty Lane, Suite 16, West Kingston


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