Bully tactics

Warwick Beacon ·

To the Editor:

Attention taxpayers:

Ward 5 Councilman Ed Ladouceur wants all of us taxpayers to contribute/pay large sums of money for sewers in his ward. For these past years, he has preyed on other areas in Warwick, demanding everything possible to pay outrageous costs to affected homeowners, especially those of us living in Governor Francis Farms. Bullying isn’t a strong enough word to describe his repeated actions.

The answer from Mayor Avedisian and the rest of us must be a resounding “no thank you.” Mr. Ladouceur should not be allowed to use his exalted position as head of the Sewer Review Commission, which he founded, to produce votes for his re-elections. His unearned title as “King of Sewers” is too much to swallow.

Eugene A. Nadeau